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Beard Oil Review

Posted on April 01 2015

Beard Oil Review

Which Beard Oil Is For You? 

We’ve been told that you want it

And we mustn’t be wrong,

But a beard oil review

Ought not be too long.


With many beard oils out there

From which you can choose,

It’s hard to decide

On which you should use.


Each has a recipe

Unique to itself,

But there isn’t just room

For one on your shelf.


Different scents make them smell

Like trees, breeze and blue cheese,

And you’ll probably like

Ones that don’t make you sneeze.


Essential and base

Are the oils they mix,

To create just for you

The perfect beard fix.


Your beard is your own

And no two are the same,

Because yours you have grown

“So use beard oil,” we exclaim.


And your beard will be happy

So happy indeed,

Your beard will be joyous

And its growth will proceed.


Detroit Grooming Company

Would have you choose ours,

And not only because

It does not smell of flowers.


All beard oils are good

And much better than none,

For if you do not use oil

Your beard will be done.




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- Jacob Smith


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