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5 Tips for Getting the Closest Shave Possible

Posted on December 30 2019

5 Tips for Getting the Closest Shave Possible

Many men will spend their entire lives searching for the best technique to get as close a shave as possible. It can be frustrating to find yourself still with rough stubble or with an uneven coarseness despite trying many different techniques.

The truth is that it’s actually not really that complicated, and some people are not achieving the close shave that they want just because they are overthinking it and they end up trying all of these ridiculous things that don’t actually work.

You can get the job done with a few very simple steps that don’t really require any crazy equipment or fancy techniques. Here’s what you need to do:

  1.   Shower First

The best time to shave is after a warm shower. The heat and the moisture will soften up your bear hair which will make it easier to cut. The steam will also help to open up your pores which will prevent any blocked follicles.

Your skin will also be softer and so you won’t have to worry about having hard, dead skin getting in the way of your razor and getting caught on the blades. You could actually shave in the shower if you wanted, but to get a really close shave it’s better to do it in front of the mirror.

Ideally, just get at it as soon as you get out of the shower. Your skin and hair are never going to be in better condition for a close shave than that moment.

  1.   Exfoliate Your Skin

A few drops of pre-shave oil will be good for just reinforcing the moisture and softness of your skin. It’s also going to work to protect your skin as well and prevent grazes and irritation.

These are unfortunately more likely to occur when you are trying to shave as close as possible so as much protection as possible is important. Some lubrication can also make sure that the razor doesn’t get overloaded with dead skin which will prevent it from properly doing its job.

It can be hard to decide on a good beard oil but the one here’s a great one that we’ve got for sale. It’s full of healing properties and it can be used to the fullest effect with any kind of razor that you prefer.

  1.   Use a Shaving Brush

So after you’ve exfoliated, the next step is to apply your shaving cream. You’ve probably seen people applying it with brushes in movies and stuff but chances are you’ve never actually used one yourself. They’re not as popular these days as they once were but they do have benefits.

A shaving brush is a great way to thicken up the lather of your cream. The thicker the cream, the closer to the root you will be able to shave. You can apply it thick with your hands but it’s not going to be as even as if you rub it all in with the brush.

It will be clumpy in some spots which is just going to get in the way but then it will be sparse in other spots which won’t allow you to cut as close. Lathering up with a shaving brush like this one will eliminate that problem entirely.

  1.   Finish Up With a Straight Razor

Another old school option, but also an effective one. I wouldn’t suggest doing the entirety of your shave with a straight razor because that will take longer and it’s not as easy to avoid cutting yourself with it.

But once you’ve done the bulk of the work, going over it all with a straight razor, just to get those stragglers down as much as possible. There’s surprisingly more that goes into choosing a straight razor than you might think.

The things you need to look out for are the temper of the blade which is how hard it is because this will be different depending on your own skin and the width and material. Since you won’t be using it for a full shave, you probably don’t need one that’s too hard.

Softer ones don’t keep their edge quite as long but they’re also less likely to cut you. A soft razor just for touching up should last for a long time without doing any real damage.

  1.   Replace Blades Regularly

With that last point in mind, blades wearing down is a real problem and it’s going to affect the performance of the razor if you don’t keep on top of it. You should be replacing them every couple of shaves.

The more shaves you conduct with a single blade the more dead skin and hair is going to get caught up in it, the harder it will be to clean and the duller the blades get. Old blades are useless for close shaves. 

This does, of course, depend on the quality of the blades you buy too, but for the most part, a standard blade will probably only give you two to three good shaves before you should switch them out with some fresh ones. 

So, it’s pretty easy, right? The key is pretty much to just keep your skin soft and moisturized while you’re working on it and to be thorough with your cutting, and then you’ll have as close a shave as you want.

~ Veronica Lewis of Groom & Style Magazine


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