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Holiday Gift Guide for the Bearded Man - Part 1.

Posted on December 05 2019

Holiday Gift Guide for the Bearded Man - Part 1.


So, you've got a bearded man on your Christmas shopping list this year?  We're not surprised as more and more men are going with everything from the perpetual 5 O'Clock shadow (Lou) to the epic beard (Mike).  As businesses have relaxed their facial hair policies, men are experimenting with new looks all the time.  The challenge is keeping the beard clean and healthy.

Most men use the "one bar for everything" when it comes to taking care of their hair and skin.  You remember the "Irish Spring" ads?  In the end, it all comes down to education.  And NO, one bar can NOT do it all.  One bar will dry out your hair and skin.

Here's the first gift idea for your bearded man.  The Basic Beard Kit.  Each kit comes with our 8 oz Beard Wash, a 4 oz Beard Butter, 1 oz Beard Oil, and a 0.5 oz Beard Oil.  The kits are available in the Black scent or the Belle Isle scent.  Step it up and add in the all-new Beard Conditioner with Biotin.  Our Beard Conditioner is an industry-first with the added Biotin. 

You'd be surprised at how many men do NOTHING for their beards.  And it shows.  Dry, flaky, scratchy, and stinky.  Women love a clean, fragrant, trimmed beard.  The first step and first gift under the tree should be our Basic Beard Kit with the additional Beard Conditioner.

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