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How To Grow a Soft & Sexy Beard. The First Day...

Posted on September 19 2018

How To Grow a Soft & Sexy Beard.  The First Day...

I know what you're thinking.  How can a blog about growing a beard start off with a photo of a man without a beard?  Easy.  We're taking you through every stage of growing a healthy, soft, and sexy beard, starting at ground zero: no beard at all.  Prior to this photo, I had about 3 months of a soft, salt and pepper beard.  But to show you every stage of growth, well....we gotta start back at the beginning.

So, yesterday I visited our good friends at Old 13 Barber Shop just outside of Detroit for my first-ever, straight razor, and hot towel shave.  Admittedly, the whole experience has been on my bucket list for quite some time, but the thought of shaving everything off after 20 some years terrified me.  As I sat down in the retro barber chair at Old 13 and the media guys set up their cameras, I looked at the door and seriously considered bolting.  "Ah fellas, I'm not feeling so great" followed by a quick sprint to the car.  Thinking of myself without any kind of facial hair sent me back to a seemingly tumultuous decade in my early 20s where I struggled with acne, curly and uncontrollable hair, and giving up the guitar god dreams for something a little more stable.

I sat in that chair and realized, I'm not ready for this.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't want to do this.  But then again, being able to help other guys like me grow a hip and healthy beard won out.  

I was in good shape for the shave as I'd been using our beard oils and beard butters for several months now.  My beard was soft and healthy.  Granted, It wasn't the epic ZZ Top beard or anything like that - it was more like the modern-day soccer dad beard - but I loved it.  You get a soft and healthy beard when you have nourished and healthy skin beneath.

I've learned, the daily use of our beard oils and beard butters is essential to a gorgeous and soft beard.  The oils nourish the skin beneath the beard and the butters add nourishment and style.  Personally, I love our Traverse City Beard Oil and our Traverse City Beard Butter combo.  The cherry and tobacco scent fits my personality.  I love the sweet and smoky tones.  It's like kicking back at the John Varvatos storeriffing through some old Stevie Ray Vaughn, and talking shop with the guys.  It just feels good.

In addition to the oils and butters, I've been using our Beard Poo for daily cleansing.  You can't use a regular shampoo on your beard as it'll strip your beard of its natural oils, leaving it dry and scratchy.  The Detroit Grooming Beard Poo is formulated to gently clean your beard and the skin beneath without drying it out.  I use our Bergamot & Lavender Wash.  The spicy and sweet Bergamot and Lavender blend smells amazing.  I just love it.

But as of today, I'm starting at ground zero.  Starting over with a face I haven't seen since The Verve released "Bitter Sweet Symphony," Clinton tried to convince us that his cigar had nothing to do with Monica Lewinsky, and our Detroit Red Wings beat the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup.  A lot has changed since then, and this blog series will chronicle my beard growth from today's smooth face right on through to the itchy phase, the funky phase, the what now phase, and ultimately to the soft and sexy phase.

Today's post-shower (day 1) routine began with our Cedar Springs Beard Oil.  I poured a little more than a dime size amount in my hand and vigorously rubbed my hands together to warm it up and activate the sweet almond and cedarwood essential oils.  You're likely to ask, why are you using a beard oil without having a beard?  One reason; every great beard begins with great skin.  Nourished and healthy skin.  In fact, beard oil is NOT for your beard it's for the skin beneath your beard.  So yes, you can use our beard oils on your face every day, beard or no beard.  They nourish and hydrate your skin and it's one of the main reasons we also call them "grooming oils" because they're so often used beyond just the beard.

I used the Cedar Springs today and will continue to for at least a couple of weeks as this oil contains natural antiseptics, anti-seborrhoeic, and anti-inflammatories.  You see, my skin is prone to breaking out (yes, even at my age) and the Cedar Springs oil helps to fight any kind of bacteria from settling into my pores.  Your face will typically feel tight and uncomfortable the day after a straight razor shave unless you're using some kind of grooming oil.  Typical aftershaves don't have any kind of lasting hydration nor do they have any of the essential oils your face needs. 

I'll be posting my updates throughout this journey here on the Detroit Grooming blog as well as my Instagram.   We're also close to launching a complimentary video series chronicling everything from the first shave right on through every stage of growing a soft and sexy beard.  Make sure you're on our email list and you're following us on Instagram.  Email your comments or questions to  Along the way, I'll be sending out free product samples, t-shirts, stickers, etc. to some of the best comments and/or questions I receive.  No, I don't want to get into another Sammy vs. Dave argument, but I'm happy to share my experiences using the award-winning Detroit Grooming line of products and accessories as I "go back to the beard!"

~ DG Lou

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