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How To Grow a Soft & Sexy Beard: Week 5...

Posted on October 23 2018

Soft and Sexy Beard Week 5

As a quick recap for those of you without a DVR, five weeks ago I did an epic straight razor and hot towel shave at Old 13 Barber Co here in Metro Detroit.  I loved it.  If you're the clean shaven type, you should do this as often as you can.  If you're bearded, well...try to make it happen at some point in your life.  it's totally worth it. 


Just the other day, I read an article from entitled "13 Reasons Why Beards Are Gross."  How my "beard oil history" search got me to a women's blog, I'm not entirely clear.  But I reasoned, it's important we know what the opposite sex thinks of our bearded pursuits, so I read on.  The writer's first couple of paragraphs seem to be nothing more than a "how did we get here" rant, reading more like an expose on a jilted lover than the argumentative blog I was hoping for.  She does eventually settle on this "The world is a big place and not everyone is Team Clean Shaven. So, let me be clear: beards that are not taken care of properly are disgusting.

Okay, now that makes sense.  Nobody likes a grubby and malodorous beard.  Especially women.  In fact, a lot of men give beards a bad rap simply because they don't know how to take care of their beard.  Really wanna get grossed out?  Read this 2015 article from the New York Post


Now, read how the Washington Post debunked the story as, well....viral poo.  In the end, the point is made, gross beards are gross.  End of story.  And that's where I'm at in my "Back to the Beard" journey.  At week five, my beard wants to be gross.  It wants to grow to the left, to the right, up, down, and the hair on my chin seems to swirl and curl as if my next blog post should read "The Influence of Abba on Your Beard Growth."  My beard is also fighting me to dry itself out and become prickly and raunchy and meckth...  You get the idea.  It wants to be gross.

Women prefer men with soft and healthy beards!

Growing an epic beard requires daily maintenance from day one and certain stages of beard growth require even more attention, like week five.  Between weeks 4 and 6 your beard will get itchy and twitchy without proper hydration and nourishment.  I also recommend getting a professional beard trim with your next haircut.  Looking for a place in the D, click here.  If your beard is like mine and most other men, it's growing fast in some places, slow in others, and the hairs are setting out to do their own thing.  To prevent the gross beard from taking over, follow these steps:

Use a beard shampoo every day.  Do NOT use regular shampoo on your beard.  The hair in your beard is NOT like the hair on your head.  You need to be careful not to strip away your beard's natural oils.  My favorite, all-natural, beard shampoo is our Bergamot and Lavender Beard Wash.

Use beard oil at least once a day, either in the morning or before bed in the evening.  A soft beard comes from soft skin underneath and men's faces do not produce enough healthy oils to support a soft beard, so you need a daily dose of beard oil.  I'm using our Belle Isle these days.  I just love the orange and lavender (yes, I have a thing for lavender).

Use beard butter at least once a day, too.  I use it twice a day.  In the mornings I use it to help me style my beard as well as soften my beard.  In the evenings, I just love the way it calms my skin (and my mood).  My favorite for the evenings is our Traverse City.  Cherry and tobacco.  My version of mood lighting.

Invest in a good beard brush.  I use our boar bristle brush.  You want to start brushing your beard every morning, every night, and a few times throughout the day to start training your beard.  Remember those Mama Mia hairs on my chin?  Regular brushing encourages those hairs to sit down and shut up.  We've all seen those beards on men that seem to be going in a million different directions.  Don't be that guy.

Detroit Grooming Lou Beard Brush

Invest in a good safety razor.  If you aren't already doing so, you'll need to start shaving your neck and your beard's top line.  Your beard might smell like Heaven to your wife or girlfriend but if your top line is sloppy and your beard flows down your neck into your sea of Magnum P.I. chest hair, well, your beard will be considered gross.  My every day go-to is our classic long-handled razor.  The knurled stainless-steel handle makes it easy to hold with wet hands.  And the laser etched logo looks great.  Use our pre-shave oil to ensure a smooth shave, too.

I agree with our bitter writer - beards "can" be gross, but don't have to be.  Regular maintenance and care with our line of all-natural products will keep it soft and sexy and your beard trudges through these awkward weeks of growth.  I also recommend take a daily Biotin supplement as well as drinking a ton of water.  But you already knew that.  You can follow my beard growth journey here on YouTube and don't forget to follow me on Instagram at @detroitgrooming_lou. 

 ~ DGLou

 Hot shoe...burnin' down the avenue... 



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