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Top Detroit Barbers - Old 13 Barber Company

Posted on February 12 2019

Top Detroit Barbers

Top Detroit Barbers:  Old 13 Barber Company

Detroit Grooming Lou 
Director of Brand Management, Marketing, and PR.

Not a day goes by where we don’t seem to get an email, Facebook message, IG DM, etc. that go something like this… 

 “Where’s a good place around Detroit that carries your stuff where I can also get my haircut?" ~ Roger A. 

 “I need my beard trimmed up, who do you recommend in Detroit and do they carry Corktown?” ~ Jim B.

“Looking to buy more Traverse City Oil and Butter and I need to get a high fade. Where should I go?" ~ Alex C.

Hot towel and straight razor shave at Detroit Barber Old 13
Our first recommendation is for you to visit our Authorized Dealer Locator by clicking on the “Find Our Products Near You” link at the bottom of our website. This database has all of our retailers listed by location. Once you’re there, simply type in your city and state or zip code and you’ll find Authorized Detroit Grooming Accounts near you. We are adding new accounts every week, so we always recommend you start here when looking for a retailer. But that doesn’t help you with, “who do YOU go to for your haircuts and beard trims, Lou? Who do YOU recommend for a Detroit barbershop?” A few of us on the management team like to visit as many of our top accounts throughout the year for haircuts and beard trims. As for me personally, I visit Bellagio in Troy, W in Royal Oak, Grand Blanc Barbershop in Grand Blanc, Baus Grooming in Birmingham, Detroit Over Everything in Auburn Hills and Old 13 Detroit Barbershop.
Old 13 is one of those throwback barbershops when barber shops were more than just a place to get a haircut, but rather a touchstone in a community where guys gathered to catch up and tune out.  Somewhere down the line, the classic barbershop gave way to the ‘Salon.”  The barber gave way to the stylist.  And the cold beer and newspaper gave way to cucumber water and a scalp massage (I enjoy both, by the way).
Alongside simple matter of practicality, the return of the barbershop seems to be closely associated with a larger cultural desire to link back to a simpler time. Even trends in men’s haircuts – with substantial favor given to the pompadour and vintage ‘high and tight’ styles – favor the barbershop, where the styles originated in the 1920’s through to the 1950’s. To create these ‘vintage’ styles requires a barber, who often specializes in creating the perfect ‘fade’ line characteristic of short men’s styles. It’s a technique that when mastered over many years is highly coveted and sought out by those who are in the know. It’s one of the reasons that in street and urban cultures the barbershop never went away: a proper ‘fade’ requires a near-religious devotion to a barber to be properly maintained and looking its best
Straight razor shave using Detroit Grooming products at Detroit Barber Old 13
In fact, artists such as Kanye West have been known to employ a full-time traveling barber exclusively to cut his hair as often as every few days. For those of us not as financially endowed as Yeezy, the primary reason barbershops have been popping up with such frequency is their economic practicality for both the owners and their customers. Without the need to provide full-range spa services and complex cut and coloring products the overhead cost of a shop is substantially lower, meaning the proprietors can pass those savings on to you. Old 13 Detroit Barber Company’s prices are right in line with everyone else. As men pay an increasing amount of attention to their grooming regimen, the barbershop will continue to evolve to serve their clients. For many that suffered through the salon era, it’s a welcome shift. A trip to the barbershop is often not only more affordable but also allows you to experience the kind of attention to men’s grooming that only a barbershop can provide so well. Visit Top Detroit Barber, Old 13, today and sit back, relax, and enjoy the best haircut you’ve ever had. ~ Detroit Grooming Lou

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