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Top Selling Hair Styling Products Part 1: Light to Medium Hold

Posted on May 09 2019

Hair Styling Part 1
The wildly popular oil-based Pomade is back in stock after being reformulated  for a smoother application right out of tin!  You’ll notice immediately a creamier texture when applying to your hair with the same amazing vanilla and honey scent.  Formulated with a foundation of beeswax and shea butter this Pomade is packed with a powerhouse of ingredients to style, hold, and protect your hair.  Each Pomade includes sweet almond oil to improve scalp circulation,  vitamin E oil for a layer antioxidant protection, sunflower seed oil to stimulate hair growth, wheat germ oil to help replace missing proteins in the hair, and much more!
Our Pomade does not dissolve with water and stays in the hair after washing, leaving what is called “good build up.”  Good build up leads to less Pomade being used on the days after initial use as it continues to protect your hair from drying out.  This pomade features a medium hold with a quality shine.  
Discover why more and more barbers, stylists, and people like you are switching from the chemical-laden drug store brands to hand crafted alternatives from Detroit Grooming!

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