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Why Ongoing Education is So Important Today

Posted on November 02 2018

Why Ongoing Education is So Important Today

Why Ongoing Education is So Important Today

Detroit Grooming Lou

Detroit Grooming Lou 
Director of Brand Management, Marketing & PR.



Two of my favorite quotes on continuous education. The first, from Benjamin Franklin. The second, from Mahatma Gandhi. Both men had insatiable appetites for knowledge and both were celebrated teachers. Plus, both shared a love for ongoing and continuous education

No matter where you're at in your career - a seasoned pro or a fresh face right out of beauty school or barber college - ongoing education is critical for continued growth and success. In fact, many of the salon and shop owners I talk to these days tell me education is a competitive advantage for them. Not only does it help their staff stay sharp and current, but a strong training and re-education program helps attract and retain top talent.

Ongoing education with the Taylor & Colt team in Ann Arbor

Not so long ago, the only opportunities for ongoing education were only available through local distributors at trade shows.  Today, however, professionals have a plethora (source: El Guapo) of options such as online tutorials, YouTube tutorials, live social media events, and more.  In the last ten years, the learning landscape has changed dramatically simply because of technology.  Whether it's Facebook or Instagram Live, YouTube, manufacturer online videos, etc., the important point is your must make a commitment to ongoing education and training. 

Education will also strengthen your brand, keep your clients happy and keep your staff inspired.  We all love learning something new and when that something new can be easily applied to your daily life, it's much more meaningful.  Plus, it'll reignite your team's passion so don't "play it safe!"  Get crazy with it and have some fun. Lean on your vendors and suppliers as well as your resources at the local chamber of commerce, colleges and universities, civic clubs, and more.  On successful salon owner brought in a social media expert to help her stylists maximize their instagram profiles.  That stylist or barber who is always booked up most likely has a robust Instagram page.  It's a smart play as Instagram is the hot social media site these days and it's where people go to find new hairstyles and a new stylist.

Most stylists and barbers I know are right-brained people, so it's important to be cognizant of what learning formats work best for each person. You'll want to have both in-salon as well as online options available. While there are a ton of great online educational resources, nothing beats a hands-on experience in the salon. Plus, you can't get the live and immediate feedback from an instructor in an online environment.

In the end, every successful barber shop and salon has made a commitment to ongoing education both in-salon and online. I recently spoke with a local owner of a dozen salons and he told me "there's no question in my mind that continuous education has a direct and positive impact on my bottom line." Yes, it's that damn important. 

Detroit Grooming Mike working with the awesome team at the Detroit Foundation Hotel

If you'd like more information on our educational series, just shoot me a quick email at, or text at (810) 275-8985, and you can always hit me up on Instagram at @detroitgrooming_lou.  Also, let me know what's working for you and your teams and what we could be doing to help you and your business grow. 

Hot shoe burnin' down the avenue!

~ DG Lou

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