Beard Ambassadors of Detroit

  • Post by  Jacob Smith Mar 11, 2015


Beard Ambassadors of Detroit




Unless you’ve been living under a large rock, and even then, we’d be hard-pressed to believe that you haven’t seen the incredible beard culture that’s been having a major league resurgence as of late. There are beards afoot that harken back to the glorious facial hair days of old, and they’re becoming increasingly prevalent – and, even though it’s hard to tell beneath our beards, that makes us smile.


We at Detroit Grooming Co. feel especially privileged to be living and working in Detroit, MI, which has accepted the great responsibility put upon it by the new beard revolution, and this, amongst other (arguably more important) reasons, makes us so very proud to call ourselves Detroiters. In a city that wears it on its sleeve, like Detroit, you might as well also wear it on your face, too, right?


Though there are bound to be myriad unsung beards, going largely underappreciated, but for the small circles in which their owners regularly move, there are a few keynote beards to which we would like to pay homage, as they’ve managed to highlight and destigmatize the growing and wearing of beards on a scale for which we can only be grateful. The faces that these beards have grown from sit atop bodies that are some of the most physically impressive that we’ve ever seen, as each of these three beards belongs to a serious heavy hitter in professional Detroit athletics.




First, we pay retrospective tribute to the amazingly burly beard of Detroit Tigers relief pitcher, Joba Chamberlain. Though he made the decision to do away with the vast bulk of it following the 2014 season, he did us all the great service of allowing us to watch it come to the brilliance it achieved by the end of the fall, and, in doing so, feel as though we, too, if only vicariously, were growing epic beards of our own. Thank you Joba, for your service as beard ambassador of Detroit.



Next, a beard that we are fortunate enough to see year after year, largely due to the great success that its owner helps his team to achieve, belongs to Henrik Zetterberg, Left Wing and captain of the Detroit Redwings. Perhaps it has something to do with his Swedish blood, but, whatever can be attributed to the wonder that is Zetterberg’s beard, we must all take a moment in reverence. Thank you Henrik, for your service as beard ambassador of Detroit.



Last, but by no means least, is a beard so close to archetypal that we must actually stop and physically salute the wearer of such a masterpiece. DeAndre Levy, linebacker for the Detroit Lions, has a beard so mighty that his helmet can barely contain it. His beard is so bold that it’s hard to say which is actually more imposing, Levy, at 6’ 2” and 240lbs, or his beard. Either way, thank you DeAndre, for your service as beard ambassador of Detroit.


These men, along with many others, work diligently to bring Detroit back to the forefront of American civilization. And, whether that is by way of their athletic, philanthropic or follicular proclivities, Detroit Grooming Co. simply wanted to stop and acknowledge these fellows for growing double-take-worthy beards, and for growing them here in Detroit.



- Jacob Smith