How Do You Keep Your Beard Soft?

  • Post by  Jacob Smith Mar 24, 2015


How Do You Keep Your Beard Soft?



Built-in Brillo or Built-in Pillow?


In a previous post, we examined the age-old curiosity, “how do you keep your beard from itching?” It seemed that, based on our considerations, the conclusion that we arrived at was that it is maintenance that is the foundation upon which an itch-free beard is built (or, perhaps more literally, grown). Taking good care of your beard is something that we shouldn’t have to preach too adamantly about, because, as we’ve now discussed, it’s you who will either reap the benefits of a well-groomed beard or, alternatively, feel the fiery burn of an unkempt growth. So, ultimately, the decision is yours.


There’s also been as much talk on the other side of the coin in regard to the similarly vexing inquiry, “how do you keep your beard soft?” And, to this, we say, in a rather blasé and unaffected tone, the same way that you prevent your beard from becoming itchy. That’s how the ‘other-side-of-the-coin’ expression works, because, as we know, coins have two sides, and these two sides are inexorably linked. It strikes us now, during the very writing of this post, that there is hardly a better example of this relationship than that of the itchy beard v. soft beard. These occurrences are very nearly, if not entirely, mutually exclusive, opposite, the one or the other, and never shall you meet Mark Twain.



So, again, if you are wanting a softer, more luxurious, more silken beard – if that’s what you think will bring you happiness (and we’re inclined to say that it will, to some extent) – then you need to treat your beard with the respect that it deserves, and the respect that others will bestow upon you when they cross the path of your immense, yet downy beard. Whether you would prefer to use only our Detroit Grooming Co. beard oil, or, perhaps, you’d also like to add Detroit Grooming Co. beard butter and/or Detroit Grooming Co. beard wash to your beard-tending regimen, you’ll find that your beard is going to be discernably softer, and, you’ll be happy to find, less itchy, to boot!


So, don’t leave the matter of whether you’re walking around with a built-in brillo or a built-in pillow on your face up to a coin toss. You turn that coin around in your hand, see what side you think feels better, set it down firmly on your bureau (or another hard surface, doesn’t really matter), and do what your heart and, most importantly, what your beard ask of you. Any neglectful Norman can have an itchy beard; there’s simply no affirmation of will in that. But it takes a real dedicated Dylan to maintain a feather soft beard. Be the latter. Be the softer.



- Jacob Smith