What Is The Best Beard Oil?

  • Post by  Jacob Smith Mar 26, 2015


What Is The Best Beard Oil?



Synthetic or Conventional?




So, you’re sitting there, scratching your exceedingly dry beard and wondering, with all of these options out there, “what is the best beard oil?” And it may, scratch that (pun unintended), will be hard to determine exactly which beard oil will be best for your particular beard, because, as we recently discussed, your beard is unique to your face, which is unique to your head, which is unique to…


Besides that, reading about what each of the constituent base and essential oils ‘do’ for your hair and skin can be a little abstract, and it can be difficult to know what’s best for you, that is, until you’ve warmed up a few drops and actually rubbed it nice and deep into your nest of whiskers. And even then, you’ll still probably want to use whichever oil you arrive upon for a few days, perhaps even weeks, to really know how it will affect your beard, face and your olfactory sensibility.


Of course, as the manufacturers of a fastidiously handcrafted beard oil in the very heart of Detroit, MI, we would have you give our Detroit Grooming Co. beard oil a shot first. At least one of our four proprietary concoctions is sure to strike a chord in your nose, and all will indubitably quench the thirst of your hair and skin. So, with so many different options, each with their own ingredients and scents, it becomes an adventure to find the one that best suits your beard’s needs.



- Jacob Smith