Where To Buy Beard Oil Online

  • Post by  Jacob Smith Mar 30, 2015


Where To Buy Beard Oil Online:



Because Sometimes Convenience Wins Out 

In the event that you are a legitimately very busy individual, and you simply haven’t got the time to make it to any of our wonderful retail locations, you’re not entirely out of luck. Those who prefer the electronic transfer of funds and the expediency of priority shipping can visit us at www.detroitgrooming.com where you can find all of our spectacular grooming products for sale.


By visiting us online, you can also reap the glorious benefits of our irregularly updated blog – from which you’re sure to learn something (and maybe even have a bit of a chuckle) – as well as connect with us through social media. You can enjoy the noble beards on our Instagram, follow our witty quips on Twitter, and you can even chat personally with us about anything – beard or otherwise – on Facebook.


We understand that life gets busy, and sometimes you just need things to happen. If your schedule doesn’t leave a lot of extra time for exploring your local haberdasheries, there’s no need to panic, no cause for alarm, because you can simply hop on the computer at home or work, select the items you wish to purchase and we’ll send them on over. Easy peasy!



- Jacob Smith