Where To Buy Beard Wax

  • Post by  Jacob Smith Apr 02, 2015


Where To Buy Beard Wax:



Having A Happy And Healthy Beard



Now, before you get to hasty decision-making and impulsive purchases, you’ve got to realize that beard wax is not exactly designed to be a daily-use product, unless, of course, you’re a professional freestyle beard competitor, and then you’re going to need some seriously reliable stuff. But, for the majority of us who aren’t out there trying to wow persnickety judges and best phantasmagorical beards, we’re just looking for something that will keep our beard’s hairs all going in more or less the same direction and, possibly, keep our moustache’s hairs out of our mouths (particularly around lunchtime, when things are liable to get especially messy).



So, for the common bearded man out there just looking for something he can throw in his whiskers without looking like the leader of some kind of maniacal circus, you’re going to want something more akin to the revitalizing and styling wonders of a Detroit Grooming Co. beard butter. We’ve been over the really terrific health and aesthetic benefits of this quite versatile product time and again, and it would be foolish to presume that it was a mere coincidence that kept bringing us back to this glorious butter, so let’s not permit ourselves to be so naïve. For the everyday beard-wearer, you’ll want something strong enough to keep your beard neat and orderly, yet still light enough to allow it to act as a naturally occurring beard should, and all while moisturizing and replenishing vital nutrients from tip to root. If you’re thinking that such a miracle product doesn’t exist, we understand your incredulity, but we are beyond pleased to tell you that this dream is now a bona fide reality!



On top of that wonderful news, we do whip up a really splendid little tin of moustache wax, which just a smidgeon of is sure to keep your ‘stache in tidy, working order all day and night. And we acknowledge that some men simply have upper lip growth that just demands the taming hold of something stronger than butter, and not even for competition, but just for daily wear. Reigning in an unruly moustache is a much more function, practical application of wax than converting your beard into a living piece of art, and we recognize that this need is rather prevalent. That’s why we’ve concocted some really top-notch moustache wax that’ll be perfect for keeping those low-hanging whiskers at bay and out of your mouth at mealtime. So, Detroit Grooming Co. feels that, between our beard butter, our moustache wax and our other all-natural grooming products, we’ve got you covered on your more pragmatic, everyday beard maintenance needs, so that you and your beard will be ready to tackle the world day after day after day.



- Jacob Smith