Beard Cleanser

  • Post by  Jacob Smith Apr 03, 2015


Beard Cleanser:



Nothing Rhymes With Cleanser



beard cleanser

Shel Silverstein



I thought I had a beard today,

But it seems to have gone away

To occupy another spot,

And I did like that beard a lot.


I hope to see my beard again,

But I don’t have an idea when

This beard will return to my face

And sit upon its rightful place.


A beard cleanser I was told to use

I wound up using on my shoes,

And now I think I understand

Why I have beard hairs in my hand.


You mustn’t let your beard get dry

Or else a tear will leave your eye,

Especially when you look back

On the great beard that you now lack.


So heed my word when I tell you

To not use beard cleanser on a shoe,

But save it for your precious beard

Or you will wind up looking weird.



- Jacob Smith