What Is Beard Oil?

  • Post by  Jacob Smith Apr 06, 2015


What Is Beard Oil?



The Beard Oil Also Moistu-Rises




We sat all night by the fire and spoke of the questions we had to ask ourselves. What is beard oil? Some men have answers to these kinds of questions and some do not and we found ourselves amongst the latter. It would not be until many years later that I or any of us would have a notion of the gravity of this type of question. But we sat and we spoke of the many possible answers and then after a while we fell asleep without properly putting out the fire.


We awoke only a few hours later to the screams of one of the natives who had been lying closest to the fire. First his shirt and then his pant leg began to singe until he had woken and started roaring like a hyena in heat. Marco stood with his blanket. He did his best to put out the flames on the native but it was too late and the flames had already done their work. The native had burns up and down and would fall to infection and fever and die before the week was out. Nor could we move him from our camp in his condition. So we packed and rode out without him.


                                                                   Ernest Hemingway


Now on horseback we spoke in unnaturally punctuated language. The abrasive terrain caused our horses to lose footing on occasion and we were subject to their losses of balance. Still we could not forget that lingering question. What is beard oil? Marco said that it was what some men used to smell nice or stop the itching and we road on some ways farther. I had known many men who wore beards and I also wore a beard and it was never of any great urgency to me or these other men if our beard smelled any way or another. But still we moved forward and did not forget the young native and knew there would be more surprises yet to come.


If I had known men who used oil then I hadn’t known that they did but rather only admired them for their honor and courage in the face of danger. One could not stop when something like smell or irritation began to arise and affect him. This would have been a sign of so much weakness that would not have been much permitted during these days. There were real concerns that demanded more of a man on the trails and out in the open spaces. A man might face real and present danger and probably would and still have to look past whatever might seem small in retrospect. But still we rode on and wondered aloud. What is beard oil?



- Jacob Smith