Beard Oils And Balms

  • Post by  Jacob Smith Apr 08, 2015


Beard Oils And Balms:



For Resolving Your Qualms




Beard oils and balms

For resolving your qualms

Best used when they’re rubbed

Smooth into your palms.


Whether thinner or thicker

There’s just no way quicker

To ensure that your whiskers

Don’t wither to wicker.


Unless you are prone

To have shaven and shone

Your face into boyhood

Exposing childlike clone.


You may want a scent

But your beard won’t lament

So long as you nourish it

One hundred percent.


These products are made

To come to the aid

Of your beard when it’s feeling

Dismayed or decayed.


Laboratories of engineers

Have studied this for many years

And the answers at which they’ve arrived

Are balms and oils, it appears.


So don’t be stubborn when we say

That Detroit Grooming Co. just may

Be the answer to all your troubles

But be gracious and have a nice day.



- Jacob Smith