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Beard Comb Or Brush

Posted on May 11 2015

Beard Combs or Brush? Which One To Keep You Lush?


beard combs and beard brushes


In one hand I’ve got a beard comb, and in the other I’ve got a brush,

And the two of them together keep my beard so nice and lush.

Whenever I am worried that my beard has filled with knots,

I simply brush once in morning and throughout the day comb lots.


You can’t decide so easily which one is right for you,

Because this takes many trials to discover what to do.

Some beards require wider and many a fewer tine,

While for others tighter and closer are what help them brightly shine.


Each man must find his own preference when it comes to brush or comb,

Which will make out of his beard a glorious facial dome.

The one is easier to pocket and sometimes made of chrome,

But the other is better for once a day and often left at home.


Which ever you prefer to keep your beard knot and tangle free,

It’s certainly only up to you and has nothing to do with me.

So when your friends say something like, “why must you comb so much?”

You just smile, nod and tell them, “because it’s nicer to the touch.”



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- Jacob Smith

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  • Toby Altizer: July 18, 2015

    That’s really an awesome blog.

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