Beard Comb Detroit

  • Post by  Jacob Smith May 18, 2015


Beard Comb Detroit:



A Comb As Resilient As The City




Have you been looking around, though fruitlessly thus far, for a comb that can be your one all-purpose comb? Need something sturdy enough to make its way around town with you, from pocket to backpack to keychain (and occasionally to hard fall on concrete)? But still want something with the combing capability of a warm knife through a stick of butter? Well, it just so happens that Detroit Grooming Co. is unveiling a new and spectacularly apropos product that will perfectly suit your multiform needs.


Our new beard-slash-head comb embodies all of the elements that make Detroit the city that we love and cherish. Laser cut from solid stainless steel, etched in heat with our mark and conveniently equipped with an opener for your favorite bottled beverage, this comb is versatile, just like the city that produced it, which falls, yet continues to rise time and again. It’s a perfect assemblage of industry and design, pairing functionality with durability with diversity. You can’t find this kind of universal balance in very many products today, but here we have something truly exceptional.


Whether you want to run it through your beard with some of our Beard Butter or through your hair with some of our Pomade, or both, it will have you looking dapper as can be, and it will be with you for as long as you can hold on to it, which may be longer or shorter depending on how often you wind up using its opener. Whichever way you choose to use our industrially defiant comb, it’ll be good to know that you have something as virtually indestructible as the very city in which it was made. Keep your pompadour and beard in line with the simultaneously toughest and smoothest comb around. Welcome to Beard Comb, Detroit, Michigan, USA, Earth.



- Jacob Smith