Gifts For Father's Day


That Is, If Your Dad Has A Beard! (But, Really, Even If He Doesn’t, Too)


gifts for fathers day 

Need a Gift for Father's Day Fast?

Are you going through the usual panic-stricken throes of what to get your old man for Father’s Day this year? It’s already right around the corner and you haven’t even begun to think about what he might really like (or need, but, let’s be honest, those presents are never quite as much fun). So, what are you – the prodigally procrastinating child – going to do on such short notice and under such great duress? Well, you could get him a cable knit sweater vest, but you want to stay in the will, don’t you? Argyle socks are always an option, but never a good one. Something for the grill seems like a generous gift, but not when you come over every weekend and expect a BBQ dinner. Why don’t you go with something that he’ll never see coming, and something that he’ll never forget?

Men's Grooming Products from DGC - The Perfect Gift

Detroit Grooming Co. wants to make sure that your dad has the Father’s Day that he deserves, because, after all, he’s had to put up with your s*#! for long enough now, hasn’t he? If (being the operative word) your old man wears a little fur on his face, you should get him something that he’ll not only get to use every day, but something that he can use for himself everyday, and something that he’ll actually enjoy using everyday. Even if your pa’s the clean-shaven type of gent, that really only excludes beard oil or beard butter from the list. If (again, the operative word) your dad’s at least still got some hair up top, then why not get him some of the very best pomade that money can buy or some premium shaving products he'll use just about every day. Unless your old man likes looking like an unkempt schlub (in which case, go for the cable knit sweater vest), get him something that’ll help keep him looking and feeling dapper in his advanced age. Just because you think he’s getting a little long in the tooth doesn’t mean he has to run out and replace his entire wardrobe with polyester slacks and pastel-colored mock turtlenecks.


Let your dad enjoy a Father’s Day this year by getting him something from Detroit Grooming Co. and helping him keep a bit of the edge he had when he met your mother. You know he was a pretty sly cat back in the day, even if it’s growing increasingly hard to tell. Trust us and do yourself, your dad, and probably even your mom a favor and get your old man a little something that will surely light a spark (just watch out, we’re told that that can be blinding, literally).



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