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Father's Day Buying Guide - Part 1

Posted on May 10 2019

Father's Day Buying Guide - Part 1

This year, punt the golf balls he'll lose, the ties he'll never wear, and the ubiquitous "#1 Dad" coffee mug for something American-made, hand-crafted, and that'll leave him feeling and smelling great.  C'mon, it's Dad we're talking about here.  Maybe he's the Dad who spent every weekend on the field with you teaching you how to throw a perfect spiral.  Or perhaps he's the Dad who taught you how to fish, how to play Eruption on a second-hand guitar or the Dad who taught you how to swap out the main body on an old Holley 750.  Either way, he probably cooks a mean steak, knows how to make you laugh, and reminds you every day, it will always be okay to hold the door open for a woman.  In fact, it's expected of you.

Now, it's your turn to thank him.

Your dad is a hard-working, supportive, and accomplished man. He did help raise you to be consistently looking for ways to become a better you, so something went right. Give him a gift that will allow him to actually smell like an accomplishment.  Our signature Black Edition Cologne resembles smooth amber bourbon in a seemingly elegant and relaxed style.  Our blend of amber, cedarwood, and vetiver lasts for a long time and Dad will love the way he feels all day long.

Want to up Dad's fragrance even more?  Then give him the Men's Solid Cologne Gift Set with the artisan display stand.  This set includes 4 half-ounce jars of our most popular fragrances including Corktown, Black, Okemos, and Sturgis.  As you know, solid colognes have made a strong comeback.  Dad will love all the options and the way the collection looks on his dresser.

All-natural and immensely durable, just like Dad!  Our new cork toiletry dopp kits are made from long-lasting cork that's also 100% stain and water resistant.  Dad will love the way it looks and it's longevity.  Several options including a standard size, a flat pack, as well as gift sets.

Is Dad already a big fan of one of our signature butter and oil scents?  For the cherry & tobacco, Traverse City Dad we've put together a gift set including the wildly popular butter, one of our hand made soaps and our collectible candle.  Plus, we know Dad loves a quality soft t-shirt, so amp it up and also give him the Traverse City Apparel Gift Set.  

Looking for something that'll look nice in the driveway of Dad's bathroom sink? Here it is. The world's most famous beard grooming oil combined with the only beard butter that's ever been to space...seriously...and combined with our artisan display stand and the collectible peachwood comb.  

Still not sure what to get Dad?  You'll never go wrong with the Detroit Grooming Gift Card.  

Father's Day is June 16th and that day is gonna come up fast.  Remember, Dad taught you all about Lombardi Time when you were in high school.  Don't disappoint Dad with another set of Pro V1s he'll lose on that enigmatic par 5 nor a great gift from Detroit Grooming 3 days late.  Order today! 

And make sure you add Dad's email address to our database so we can be sure to keep him in the loop!

Hit me up with any comments or questions on Instagram or Twitter or email me (I hate email, btw) at

~ Detroit Grooming Lou


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