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Growing Out Your Beard: The First Four Weeks.

Posted on July 19 2018

Detroit Grooming Lou.  Growing out your beard, the first four weeks

Thinking about growing out your beard?  No question, beards are popular these days.  And with stories coming out from Cosmopolitan Magazine, Vogue, and Women’s Health, it looks like roughly two-thirds of women prefer men with a well-groomed beard.  Trouble is, growing out your beard can be an arduous process if you don’t know what you’re doing.

We’re to help.

Now, there are a few stages of beard development you need to be aware of, so you can handle them with ease.  I’m starting this post at the 4-week mark for a couple of reasons.

One, getting here wasn’t such a big deal.  I’ve always been that “five o’clock shadow” kinda guy anyway.  So, I just ran with it for a few more weeks, simply tending to my beard lines with my dope .50 Cal Safety Razor.  Trimming your beard line is very important.  We want you to look stylish, not like you’ve been on a three-week bender (yes, I have some experience with that, too).  Plus, if you’re particularly hairy, your beard could end up flowing into your chest hair.  Ask any woman what she thinks of THAT and your “ooooooo-gross!” response rate will be around 99.9%.  The best place to trim your neckline is around an inch above your Adam’s apple.  It’s more of a personal decision about where you want your upper line to be and that’ll depend partly on the density of your beard on your cheeks.  Maintain the top and bottom lines to keep a tidy and well-groomed look.

Two, the 4-week mark is what I like to call “the itchy phase.”  This is also when most men bail on their beards because you can no longer get by with your normal morning and evening routines.  In order to sail through this phase in comfort and style you’re going to need a few things:

    Gents, if you’re still using that same ol’ bar of Irish Spring on your face and beard, it’s time to grow up!  Using regular soap or reaching for your woman’s bottle of some random “color extending shampoo” will ruin your beard (and your relationship) for a couple of reasons.  One, regular soaps and shampoos will strip away your beard’s essential oils making your beard sharp and scratchy.  Two, the hairs on your face are VERY different from the hairs on your head.  A good beard shampoo, like our Beard Poo, will soften, nourish, and cleanse your beard.  My daily routine includes our Bergamot & Lavender Beard Poo.

    Once your beard is clean, it’s time for our grooming oil.  A good beard or grooming oil is the foundation of a good beard and it’s essential to start using it as soon as you start growing your beard (see my "Day 1" post).  The oil helps to soften the facial follicles that make up the beard.  Our grooming oils feature a base of sweet almond oil and a proprietary blend of essential oils and minerals to help your beard grow and to help keep the hairs silky smooth.  Although I love our Traverse City Beard and Grooming Oil, my recommendation for you is our Belle Isle Beard and Grooming Oil, as that's our number 1 seller.  Apply our grooming oil after you shower while the skin is still warm.  Simply pat-dry your beard, rub about a quarter size amount of oil intensely between your hands to warm up and activate the oils and then apply to your beard, working the oils into your face.

    As your beard starts to grow you’ll notice not all of the hairs will be getting along nicely.  Some will head straight up and out.  Others will try to retreat.  Some will want to split off at the ends and do their own thing.  It’s time to tame the unruly beard and begin styling by introducing your beard to our beard butter.  Our beard butter is hand-crafted with a base of high-quality coconut oil and shea butter.  These butters are also rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants which nourish your beard as well as help to control strays.  These butters won’t clog your pores and they actually help to promote beard growth.  Plus, they smell amazing (ask any woman!).  My recommendation since you're using our Belle Isle OIl is to go with our wildly popular Belle Isle Beard Butter.


    Side note, many people ask me what’s the main difference between beard oil and beard butter.  While both our oils and butters are designed to nourish and soften your beard, our beard butters are also made for styling your beard.  In short, yes, you’ll want to use both.

    Lastly, a good beard brush is required at week four (if not sooner).  Your beard is really starting to take off here and it’s critical to start training your beard to do what you want it to do.  I use our Firm Boar Bristle Brush in the morning, throughout the day, and in the evening.  This brush helps distribute the beard oil and beard butter evenly throughout my beard.  It also helps me style my beard and train the beard hairs to lay smooth and in the right direction (bonus!).  Plus, no joke, it feels really, really good on my face. 

    Bottom line, with a good beard shampoo, grooming oil, butter, and beard brush, your face will look and feel fantastic and you’ll never experience the “itchy phase.”  I probably should’ve titled this post “What I Wish Someone Would’ve Told Me When Growing a Beard.”  Maintaining a strict regimen of maintenance, cleaning, and conditioning will ensure a soft, healthy, and sexy beard.  I recommend you spend some time watching some of our product videos which include how-tos, product demos, and more.  Until then, beard safely my friends.

    ~ DGLou

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