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  • Winter is Coming...

    Sep 01 2017

    Are you ready? If you're like the millions of people in this world who are just enamored with the storyline's behind a certain bearded au...

  • What Is Beard Oil Used For?

    Mar 23 2015

    What Is Beard Oil Good For? Absolutely EVERYTHING!     Beard Oil: DGC Pride! We take great pride in our beard oil. Not only for the deli...

  • Groom Thy Beard!

    Feb 24 2015

    Beard Grooming for a True Man!   So, you’ve decided to stop shaving. Mazel tov! This could be the best decision that you’ve made in a whi...

  • Butter That Beard: The Secret Of Beard Butter

    Feb 13 2015

    Beard Butter's Benefits and Ingredients What exactly is Beard Butter, you ask? Well, Beard Butter is the next product to be released by t...

  • Detroit Grooming Co.'s Guide To Pomade

    Oct 21 2014

      What is Pomade? What the heck is pomade and how do you use it? Glad you asked! Pomade is a hair product used to create texture or slic...