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  • The Cologne Wars

    Sep 06 2017

    What Exactly does the word Cologne Even Mean? defines cologne as: “a mildly perfumed toilet water; eau de Cologne.” Serio...

  • Winter is Coming...

    Sep 01 2017

    Are you ready? If you're like the millions of people in this world who are just enamored with the storyline's behind a certain bearded au...

  • A New Detroiter

    Aug 06 2015

    Homage To Daniel Norris     We are honored and pleased to welcome a new Detroiter, And also quite thrilled he is without an unsightly go...

  • Beard Ambassadors of Detroit

    Mar 11 2015

     Unless you’ve been living under a large rock, and even then, we’d be hard-pressed to believe that you haven’t seen the incredible beard ...

  • The Art of Scissor Trimming

    Mar 09 2015

      Trim Trimmy Trim, Trim Trimmy Trim, Trim Trim It’s True The Art of Scissor Trimming   So, unbeknownst to me, individual hairs on you...