To Beard or Not to Beard?


To Beard or Not to Beard?

By: Matt Puchalsky


Five Reasons that you should grow a beard (According to Me):


  1. Because you can! 

The first reason that I'm going to talk about is the one that’s closest to me personally: because you can!  When I let my facial hair grow out, I end up not having much more than random patches of scraggly hairs that are spaced out much too far apart: I'd insert a picture but I don't have one and my intention with this blog entry is not to give you nightmares.  Being a 30 year old man that cannot grow a beard, I sometimes wonder, what's wrong with me? Has my growth been stunted for some reason?  Do I employ a terrible diet that directly affects facial hair growth?  Does nature think my facial structure is the pinnacle of beauty, and inhibits the growth of hair on my face to preserve that beauty?(No)  Have I inherited some unknown family gene that hampers my body's ability to produce beard hair?



 Personally, I think it’s the family gene answer because that solution implies that it's not my fault.  Anyway, back to the point: if you can grow a beard, do it.  At least give it a shot and see how you look with a beard. If you don't like it, buy one of our fabulous razors here, or here, or maybe even here, and shave it off.   


  1. Because they are badass.

Since the beginning of civilization men have been growing beards as a sign of masculinity; the beard gives the man an edge that screams wisdom and sagacity.  This doesn't mean any man can grow a beard and become wise and uber manly, however it does imply that the person who decides to grow a beard may already possess those characteristics.  Athletes grow beards during the most important parts of their respective sports seasons, the playoffs.  Most popular in hockey, teams will band together during the playoffs and all refuse to shave their faces.  It is a sign of solidarity, and also superstition that usually ends with a bunch of bearded men hoisting up a trophy. 

 Henrik Zetterberg

As I mentioned earlier, beards have been badass for a long time; most important historical men had beards.  They include: Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, Confucius, basically everyone in the Civil War (both sides), and most importantly Shia Lebouf.  Having a beard won't make you badass, but it definitely won't hurt your chances of being perceived as a badass (unless you're Shia Lebouf).

 Shia Labeouf

  1. To protect your skin.

Besides your beard making you look insanely badass, it also protects the skin on your face.  Protecting your face from harsh weather and everything else that comes along with the winter season, your beard isn't just an accessory, it's a necessity.  It's no secret that men with beards stay warmer in the winter, just like men with earmuffs stay...ok so men don't wear earmuffs, at least not the ones who have beards.  Your beard will protect your skin from more than just the cold, most men with beards have very smooth skin underneath them and there's a good reason behind that. says shaving your face spreads the bacteria that initiates the growth of acne, so having a beard can help keep your face clean and healthy.  Does this mean shaving your facial hair will damage your skin and ruin your gorgeous complexion forever?  Yes!  (Just kidding).  It doesn't mean that but having a healthy, well taken care of Man Mane truly will contribute to keeping the skin on your face healthy and smooth.  I'm not a dermatologist, but if I was, I'd order every one of my patients to grow their beards immediately. But, as I said, I'm not a dermatologist.


  1. Its a way for bald people to prove that they can grow hair.

Pretty self explanatory.

 The worlds most handsome man, Shaun of Detroit Grooming Company

  1. To use our products!

Not all of the products that Detroit Grooming Company makes are beard-oriented, however, a lot of them have something to do with facial hair.  Even forever beardless me uses a beard oil everyday, and why?  Because our oils do amazing things for your skin and make your face smell great!  Everyone wants to smell good, and where better than on your face?  Whether your knee deep in a face-to-face conversation with someone or just casually sitting next to someone on the bus, people are going to be near your face, and they are going to smell it. 


There's no better way to make sure that you smell good than trying out a 1oz. Corktown Grooming Oil. Just add a small application of Corktown to your morning routine to ensure that your face smells great all day.  Also for those of you who have beards, you can use our Butters which are packed with the same great proteins, antioxidants and ingredients as our oils, just in a more solid form to help control those flyaways and stray hairs every beard is bound to encounter. 


Finally, having a beard means having to wash that beard, and we've got the best option around for that task.  Our Beard Poos are specifically formulated to wash your beard and the skin underneath it. Simply add a Beard Poo to your hair-care routine to keep your beard shiny and soft, and also to keep your face properly moisturized.


So to beard or not to beard?  It's really all up to you, if unlike me, you do have a choice in the matter!