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Pre-Shave Oil 2 oz.

$ 22.95 USD

Standalone Pre Shave Oil for a Super Safe Shave!

"I've dealt with razor burn for over twenty years, tried all kinds of pre-shave lubes, electric razors, various blades and cream ... until I came across this stuff! Now no nicks, no burns! I just apply this before shaving cream and no longer worry!"
~ Chad K.

Size: 2 oz.

Detroit Grooming Co.'s amazing pre shave oil protects your skin from irritation, redness, razor burn and flare-ups with our proprietary blend of essential oils - unsurpassed protection resulting in an ultra-close shave!

Can Be Used Standalone - Without Shaving Creams

Our pre shave oil also offers enough protection that it can also be used on its own, thus requiring no additional shave creams on your face. Whether you use our Pre Shave Oil before traditional shaving cream or on its own, this product goes on smoothly and provides a calming masculine aroma.

Can Be Used with Any Shaving Tool

The Pre Shave Oil can be used with any type of blade. Whether using a safety razor or straight razor, the oil's healing properties provide a barrier against all sorts of shaving irritants and is ideal for any skin type.

How to Use our Pre Shave Oil

Our barbers use this before straight razor shave treatments with hot towels to soften the beard before applying shaving lotions or creams. However our at-home customers can massage a few drops of pre shave oil on their beards and begin shaving instantly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mark Gedeon (Fenton, US)
Preshave oil, sensitive skin

Too all Newbies! I wrote a bad review specifically for this product a few months back. I have been using Detroit shave products for 6 years now, razors, blades, brushes, soaps, and aftershave lotions and have been fantastic. I have sensitive skin and shave every 2-3 days,fully. When i first used this product i used just before lathering soap than shaved. Irritated skin and clogged pores, did not like it, felt like putting vegetable oil on and shaving. That was the bad review. Today showered, washed face And put alittle bit on face to soak in, 5 minutes. Washed off, got out than did my usual with soap and shave…. Fantastic, less Knicks or irritation, better shave, doesn't feel clogged. My Bad, but please share this, figured out how to use for me….There is no directions on how to use except for PRE-SHAVE… my experience only!

Nicholas Smith (Santa Clara, US)
Great Shaving Oil

This oil is useful in my shave. It keeps the face lubed throughout the entire shave with hardly any cuts.

Customer (Bloomfield Hills, US)
Very good

Very good first time ever using pre-shave Oil highly recommend it

John DiVito (Chicago, US)

Pre Shave Oil Algonac 2 oz.

David (Orlando, US)
Works Great!

I have found that this pre-shave oil works amazing for softening the hairs and raising them with using a hot towel prior to shaving my clients!! Highly recommend especially for those that get bumps!! Works amazing!!