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Beard Butter | Corktown | 4 oz.

$ 24.95 USD

Premium Beard Butter with the Amazing Corktown Scent!

"It smells great, isn't too strong, and also helps to control my beard!"
~ Paul L.

Size: 4 oz.
Scent: Vanilla, Tobacco, & Cedarwood

About Our Corktown Beard Butter

Our amazing beard butter will help tame your beard, eliminate scruffiness, keep your beard amazingly scented & well groomed, and also keep your skin & hairs properly nourished (and get rid of any potential beard itch).

What's It Made Of?

The foundational ingredients of our 4 oz. Corktown Beard Butter makes beard grooming  super easy since it comes from high-quality coconut oil and Shea Butter engineered to make your beard look and feel amazing! Our beard butter also comes rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants giving your beard the proper nourishment it needs!

Our beard butter also contain a high content of mono-saturated fatty acids, making them some of the most intensely moisturizing beard butter available. They’re chock-full of antioxidants and proteins to help repair your skin and hair. Growing a beard? Want to know how to grow a goatee, or how to grow a long beard that’ll actually look good? Do you have coarse beard hair, or a dry beard, and want a softer beard that’s well nourished? These butters provide the most complete answers to the question of how to grow a beard. They don’t clog pores so they actually help promote beard growth! We have what you need, wherever you are in your beard growing journey. Let your beard grow!

In addition, the Corktown is made from our most popular blend of fragrances - Vanilla, Tobacco, and Cedarwood. Not only will you keep wanting to fill your senses with this smooth, clean fragrance, but others will too! (not a bad thing)

What's the Difference Between Beard Oil & Beard Butter?

Our beard oils are made for proper beard nourishment while our beard butter is made for nourishment and control (taming or styling your beard in a particular way).

How to Use Beard Butter

The best way to apply our beard butter is on a washed beard, and for this you can use our premium all natural beard wash. To use our beard butter, scrape about a dime's worth out of the beard butter jar with your finger and rub together with your hands to heat up the butter. Next, get the beard butter through your entire beard first with your hands, and then with a stainless steel beard comb to style & tame how you want. 

Here's a short tutorial for a more visual approach to using our beard butter. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I'm a bit skeptical when buying on line (not knowing what it smells like )I have previously purchased the 2oz and it was awesome! Looked it so much I got the 4 oz. Anyone who buys this will not be disappointed!

Excellent Butter!

The butter is amazing! The feel in beard makes it my go to night time routine. I wake up with my beard still feeling amazing. I use it on my chill around the house days too.
My only complaint isn’t even DGs fault. I didn’t like the scent too much. I picked CorkTown. Next time I’ll have to pick up a different one. I have a lot of oils in the woodsy, tobacco, vanilla type blend. That’s why I went with CT. It’s not the same type of scent. So if that’s what you’re looking for you may be disappointed.
But overall this product is amazing and I will definitely continue to purchase!


Beard Butter | Corktown | 4 oz.

DGC Corktown Beard Butter

Sophisticated! That's the best word I can think of to describe this scent. DGC butters are top tier and this one is no exception! Excellent scent, in beard feel and conditioning, quality and styling!

Amazing Product !

Everything is perfect with this product, scent, quality, durability, styling etc.