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Beard Oil - Woodward - 1 oz. Bottle

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The Most Effective Beard Oil on the Market!

"Leaves my beard soft, shiny, and healthy looking." ~ Ryan B.

Size: 1 oz.
Scent: Vanilla & Mahogany Teakwood

Beard Oil - Base Ingredients

Named for the avenue with the Michigan highway designation M1, Woodward Avenue is a historic Mitten trunkline. Dividing Detroit’s East and West side, and running a distance of 22 miles, it passes through some of the most historic places in Michigan. It was created after the Detroit Fire of 1805 and is the location of the very first mile of concrete-paved roadway in the entire country. In 1848 carriage drivers used to race each other down Woodward when the road was converted from logs to planks. By 1958 people were drag racing American Muscle down the Avenue. In August of every year it is the host of the Dreamcruise, a celebration of all things that gave Detroit the name of Motor City, and a celebration of one of America’s most historic byways. We included notes of vanilla and mahogany teakwood, a classic blend, to our powerhouse base in an ode to a Michigan cornerstone. In addition to the classic scent of Vanilla & Mahogany Teakwood, the foundation of our Woodward Beard Oil is filled with sweet almond oil giving you a boat-load of natural benefits for your skin and hair. The oil is rich & dense in Vitamins A, B and E and, couple with the sweet almond oil, helps in maintaining short and long-term moisture levels in your skin, which not only helps stop beard itch, but also gets absorbed quickly without constricting pores like so many other beard oils do. 

The Benefits of Beard Oil for your Skin & Facial Hair

Benefits for your Skin:
Whether you're looking to increase nourishment, soothe your sensitive or irritated skin, stop beard itch, relieve dryness, or improve your beard's complexion, our beard oils have exactly what you need.

Benefits for your Beard Hair:
Our beard oil's foundational almond oil is rich in hair-nourishing magnesium, eliminates those beard split ends, and leaves your beard shiny and soft. It also contains a reparative & healing solution that can be used daily to saturate deeper than most oils and thus reverse damage done to your beard hairs.

Our beard oils also contain a high content of mono-saturated fatty acids, making them some of the most intensely moisturizing beard oils available. They’re chock-full of antioxidants and proteins to help repair your skin and hair. Growing a beard? Want to know how to grow a goatee, or how to grow a long beard that’ll actually look good? Do you have coarse beard hair, or a dry beard, and want a softer beard that’s well nourished? These oils provide the most complete answers to the question of how to grow a beard. They don’t clog pores so they actually help promote beard growth! We have what you need, wherever you are in your beard growing journey. Let your beard grow!

How to Use Beard Oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great stuff

The sent is not strong, I use it at night to go to bed also on my hands and elbows. The wash is very, very thin, it has a nice smokey scent. Though the scent is not strong but that’s ok it’s a wash.

Reminds me of wood shop class

This smells just like a lumber yard. Brings back the memories of being in wood shop class and all the different kinds of wood. Defiantly a new favorite!!

My go to, any time

I have tried just about every beard product from Detroit Groomimg Co and they are outstanding. My face has never been happier. I have to say Corktown is my favorite scent with Sturgis a close second, but I really dig them all in their own right. I probably use the Woodward the most because it is a great pair with the Original Beard Poo and just a mellow scent I can rock any time. There are definetly sents for different occasions but I always fall back on Woodward for regular maintenance. Curious if there will be a Woodward Butter on the horizon. Keep up the great work you guys. Aloha