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Defining Hair Cream - 3.4 oz. Extreme Hold 'Cream' for Men

$ 21.95 USD

Extreme Hold Hair Cream for Men!

Hold: Extreme (Strong)
Finish: Smooth
Scent:  Lavender & Vanilla

The Perfect Hair Cream for the Perfect Men's Hairstyle!

The 'Cream' is our defining hair cream.  Extremely strong hold with good control for extreme defining of shape and style.  Adds texture and control to all types of hair.  Scented with Lavender & Vanilla.

Directions:  Towel dry hair, then spread a small amount onto palms and fingertips. Rub together to soften & warm. Then apply to damp hair.

Hair Creams for Men - A Brief Intro

Our defining hair cream is not too thick nor thin. Hair cream in general is less stickier than hair gel or wax. Rather than being a solid substance like a wax, or a tacky goo like a gel, styling creams are relatively thick and usually work well with all sorts of hairstyles although they work extremely well for those with frizzy, curly, or stubborn hair.

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