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Beard Wash Bergamot & Lavender 8 oz.

$ 21.95 USD

Our Original & All-Natural Beard Wash!

"Despite its name, this beard cleanser and conditioner is fantastic! My beard is softer and the skin underneath never felt better. Pair that with Beard Butter and I can't believe how soft my beard is. Much better than hair conditioner."
~ David B.

Size: 8 oz. with Flip Top
Scent: Bergamot & Lavender

About the Beard Wash Beard Shampoo

Our Beard Poo isn't your normal beard wash, and now its taken the first exit to new-and-improved-ville! Beard Shampoo - Beard Conditioner is specially formulated with nutrient-rich oils to take care of all that beard hair and the skin underneath!

This gentle yet effective beard wash is 100% all-natural and perfect for even the most sensitive skin. It's great at keeping your beard hair light and clean, and your skin refreshed.

The Bergamot & Lavender scent will calm your senses, and the beard wash's all-natural base blend will drench your beard in savage hydration. Start your face off the right way, any time of day!

Directions: Rinse your beard out. Make nice and wet. Then squeeze out the desired amount of beard wash and lather into your beard & face (safe to use anywhere). Rinse out.

From the Video Blog: How and Why to Use Our Beard Wash!

6 Reasons to Use Our Amazing All Natural Beard Wash

1- Our beard wash is all natural, using the finest ingredients and making sure nothing synthetic is in the wash that would dry out your skin.

2- We have a premium blend of essential oils to wash & clean your beard to perfection!

3- Our beard poo is safe to use all over, so feel free to use on your face, skin, and anywhere you want to keep clean & smelling good!

4- The beard poo compliments the rest of our beard products very well. Use the beard poo with our beard oils, beard butter, and anything else since neither the scents nor the ingredients will clash against one another.

5- We use all natural avocado oil giving your beard hairs and skin the absolute best in nourishment and moisturization.

6- The amazing scent will calm your senses and leave you groomed to perfection!

Customer Reviews

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Great product for my skin

Using this beard shampoo keeps the skin under my beard healthier. Anything else I've tried just made my skin dry and itchy.

Great product

Works better than any other product that I have used. Great work DGC. Highly recommend products.