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Men's Solid Cologne - Mio 0.5 Oz. - Lime & Vetiver

$ 19.95 USD

Solid Cologne Made to Perfection

Size: 0.5 oz. (15ml)
Scent: Lime & Vetiver
Base: Beeswax and coconut oil

"The smell of this solid cologne is amazing. The lime and vetiver scent is clean and fresh smelling...and a very small amount goes a long way!" ~ Joe U.

About the Mio Solid Cologne - Amazing Lime & Vetiver

The Mio solid cologne offers a super-long lasting fragrance scented with the perfect amount of gently blended natural lime & vetiver with a beeswax and coconut oil base.  Our soft & attractive Mio Solid Cologne can go on light or heavy. So feel free to apply a little or a lot!

Directions: Use your finger to rub/scrape off the cologne and apply to your neck and/or wrist.

The Lime & Vetiver Scent

The Mio fragrance is a mix of Lime and Vetiver, making this a lively combination for a spicy, yet crisp scent. 

When it comes to the first part of the combo, the lime is a sharp citrus which, as an essential oil, is usually extracted from the peel thus bringing a green component to it. Lime adds a bright, touch to the entire combo, making the fragrance appeal to both men and women.

Meanwhile, vetiver is a tropical grass that originates in India. It's common name is taken from Tamil. Vetiver is actually one of the finest perfumes in the world, with a woody earthiness making it a favorite even before the days of Caesar. In fact, vetiver is found in over one fifth of all male fragrances.

When combined together, lime & vetiver make a crisp, refreshing scent that brings a bit of herbal excitement to your clean routine.

You can also see the non-solid spray version of Mio Cologne for Men if you're interested in a non-solid cologne.