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Gift Set | Detroit: Engine of America

$ 70.95 USD

Celebrate Detroit's History!

A memorable gift for Father's Day, birthdays, client gifts, and more.  Show your Detroit City Pride with our super-soft DGC Originals t-shirt, a 2 oz. Corktown Beard Butter, and an autographed first-edition copy of famed author and journalist, RJ King's new book, "Detroit: Engine of America." 

Each gift set includes:

  • "Detroit: Engine of America" by RJ King, signed by RJ King.
  • DGC Originals "Detroit Grooming" super-soft t-shirt.
  • 2oz. Corktown Beard Butter


"Detroit: Engine of America" is the real-life story of how the city grew, step by step, from a fort on the riverfront in 1701 to become the world's largest manufacturing economy in 1900.