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Safety Razors

Premium Safety Razors for the Best Man-Shave Possible!

Shop the best in safety razors for a superior shave! The Detroit Grooming Co. offers 100% stainless steel and adjustable safety razors, double-edged safety razors, wooden safety razors, detailing razors, and more!

Shaving with safety razors offers a host of benefits including a superior and more cost-effective shave. It offers much less irritation and a more even, closer shave when you switch to a safety razor. In addition, safety razors use standard double-edged razor blades allowing you to replace your blades for pennies!

'Alpha' Stainless Steel Safety Razor w/ Smooth Handle
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The "Alpha" Stainless Steel Safety Razor:Our Answer to the Perfect Shave! Head: 3 Piece Adjustable (Double Peg Bar)Weight: 7.75oz (220g)Height: 3.93" (100mm)Handle Diameter:  0.79" (20mm)Handle Finish:  SmoothThe 'Alpha' Safety Razor is Detroit Grooming's answer to the perfect shave. This unique man-item combines all of them 'must-haves' for a high end stainless steel safety razor and ultimately an extremely satisfying, precise, and customizable shave. Features of the 'Alpha' Safety Razor Equipped with an extra-oversized, heavy weighted handle, this unique safety razor made of 100% Grade A stainless steel is made for maximum control and comfort. The safety razor's head utilizes a simple, yet highly-adjustable 'no-nonsense' approach to setting the double-edged blade to a desired angle of comfort. The angle of the safety razor blade can go from aggressive to relaxed with a simple turn of the handle. Using a double peg bar blade saddle, the double-edge blade is reliably sturdy and evenly positioned. The blade...
The Fatty Safety Razor - Premium Safety Razors for Men
$ 39.95
Premium Men's Safety Razor with Multi-Feature Design "Awesome weight, super close shave, should have converted to a safety razor a long time ago!"~ Roddy Y. The Fatty safety razor by Detroit Grooming delivers a clean, close shave with a traditional double edged blade. This high-quality men's safety razor features a short handle with micro-engraving for an improved super grip! About The Fatty Safety Razor Features: Closed comb, double edged razor.  Twist top releases plate to load blade. 100% Stainless Steel handle Micro-engraved handle for super-grip Product Dimensions: 3.4 x 1.6 x 1 inches ; 3.4 Benefits:  A closed-comb design is less aggressive than an open comb safety razor allowing for better control during shave. The twist top keeps the razor blade in one-set aggression with double-blade exposure to help maximize the life of the blade. The high-quality 100% stainless steel handle with brushed aluminum finish will help resist rust and...
The Classic Long Handled Safety Razor
$ 39.95
Premium Long-Handled Safety Razor for Max Control & Comfort! "Nice weight and balance, fits my hand very well. Very mild razor, yet plenty of bite to get a good shave!"~ Robert A. The "Classic" Long Handled Safety Razor for men is still one of the best! This is the safety razor that men the world over have learned to shave with for nearly one hundred years. This "Long-Handled" safety razor (4" in length) has a longer handle to accommodate those with larger hands. ABOUT THE CLASSIC SAFETY RAZOR FEATURES:  Closed comb, double edged razor Twist top releases plate to load blade 100% Stainless Steel handle Micro-engraved handle for super-grip BENEFITS:  Our Classic Long Handled Safety Razor is designed with a long handle for those that prefer their razor to fit their entire hands (or simply have big hands!), and also is featured with a closed-comb design for a softer, more precise shave than an open comb...
Real .50 Caliber Safety Razor - Premium Safety Razors
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Make a Statement with This Real Repurposed .50 Caliber Safety Razor! "This is one of my best razors right now. It's a well balanced razor, not too heavy and not too light"~ Nomar S. You'll be one of the first ever to receive the fully authentic & real .50 Caliber Safety Razor for men, which includes the top plate, bottom plate, and handle custom wood box. Safety Razor Collection Set: What Do You Get? Safety Razor: Premium .50 Caliber Safety RazorCustom Wood BoxBlade Type: Standard Double-Edged Razor Blades1 pack: Double edged safety razors About The .50 Caliber Safety Razor Our .50 Caliber Razor is a double-edge safety razor made by re-purposing authentic spent rounds from .50 caliber rifles. Time to shave like a man and use an actual re-purposed .50 Caliber Shell! The .50 Caliber Razor uses double-edge razor blades like the one pictured below.  These blades are highly affordable and accessible...
The OG Safety Razor-
Premium Safety Razors for Men
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The Best Safety Razor You'll Ever Own! Constructed with the utmost elegance and the highest quality manufacturing, The OG wood handle safety razor is the perfect men's double edged safety razor. "This amazing safety razor is Made for men who want to experience the best shave using a double edge safety razor to achieve an effortlessly smooth close shave." ABOUT THE FATTY SAFETY RAZOR FEATURES:  Open Comb Safety Razor Double Edge Straight Razor 100% wood handle Chrome finish High Quality design & construction BENEFITS:  This classy safety razor has been fitted with industry-leading open comb safety razor head. In addition, this well-balanced razor features an attractively wood handle and chrome finish .The model is constructed with the highest quality. Don't forget to browse the rest of our exquisite line of high end safety razors and shaving sets!
Detroit Grooming Co. Detailing Razor
$ 34.95
Professional Barber-Grade Detailing Razor The professional-grade Detroit Grooming Co. Detailing Razor is useful to trim mustaches, sideburns, beards, hair lines and other hard-to-reach places. Features: * Chrome handle* Knurled grip Micro-engraved handle for precise control* Uses MK-908A Blades About the Detroit Grooming Detailing Razor Using a safety razor to trim around your beard lines, mustache, sideburns or hair lines can be a recipe for disaster. The Detroit Grooming Co. Detailing Razor is a nifty little detail razor to help you trim those difficult-to-reach places with the least discomfort and unrivaled smoothness. The special wedge shaped detail razor head and micro engraved grip gives you the ultimate precision and comfort for the finest detail and trimming, with no cuts or nicks. It's always in the detail guys! To top it off, the .50 Caliber Safety Razor is among few in the market that can proudly be called 100% made-and-developed in the...
The Nighthawk Safety Razor - Model 96R - Parker
$ 49.95
Classic Butterfly Opening Safety Razor The Nighthawk Safety Razor with butterfly open has those classic good looks, intermediate weight and textured black and chrome handle. It has a thinner diameter handle, so it's perfect for those with smaller hands, or those that simply want to avoid the larger handles of some other safety razors. In addition, the Nighthawk Safety Razor has a precision engineered twist-to-open head, a nice heft and a wonderful balance. This is an excellent razor for new and experienced wet shavers. Razor Features: Razor type: Butterfly open safety razorWeight: 3 3/4 oz.Length: 4 in.Handle material: Genuine brass frame, black and chrome platedManufacturer: Parker More About The Nighthawk Safety Razor Not only is the Nighthawk an absolute beauty, but the black knurled handle with micro engravings provide a complete grip for precision and control. The frame is 100% brass that has a nickel plated head. At 3.0 ounces, you can let this razor...
The Lord Stanley Safety Razor - Model 87R - Parker
$ 49.95
Chrome Classic Butterfly Open Safety Razor The Lord Stanley is a hefty safety razor with a twist-to-open head for a close, comfortable shave. This is a short handle razor with a classic 3 inch razor blade. Twisting the knob on the bottom of this brilliant safety razor will open the butterfly doors for easy blade insertion. Its beautifully patterned handle is textured to provide a sure grip, even with wet soapy hands. Razor Features: Head: Butterfly OpenWeight: 3.0 oz.Length: 3.0 in.Construction: Genuine all brass frame, chrome platedManufacturer: Parker Don't forget to browse the rest of our exquisite line of high end safety razors and shaving sets!
The Armadillo Safety Razor - Model 94R - Parker
$ 39.95
Classic Three Piece Safety Razor from Parker The Armadillo 3 Piece Safety Razor from Parker has a traditional 3-inch long handle, which is crafted from solid brass and chrome plated. The herringbone pattern on the handle provides an excellent grip – even with soap-covered hands. Its precision engineering and heft are no challenge for tackling the toughest of scruff. This razor is an excellent choice for both new and experienced safety razor users. Razor type: Three-Piece Safety RazorWeight: 3.4 oz.Length: 3 in.Handle material: Genuine Brass Frame, Chrome PlatedManufacturer: Parker Don't forget to browse the rest of our exquisite line of high end safety razors and shaving sets!