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'Alpha' Safety Razor - Stainless Steel w/ Smooth Handle

'Alpha' Safety Razor - Stainless Steel w/ Smooth Handle has a rating of stars based on reviews.

Head: 3 Piece Adjustable (Double Peg Bar)
Weight: 7.75oz (220g)
Height: 3.93" (100mm)
Handle Diameter:  0.79" (20mm)
Handle Finish:  Smooth

The 'Alpha' Safety Razor is our answer to the perfect shave. The 'Alpha' combines all of them 'must-haves' for a high end safety razor and ultimately an extremely satisfying, precise, customizable shave. Equipped with an extra-oversized, heavy weighted handle, the 
'Alpha' is made for maximum control and comfortability. The razor's head utilizes a simple, yet highly-adjustable 'no-nonsense' approach to setting the double-edged blade to a desired angle of comfort. The angle of the blade can go from aggressive to relaxed with a simple turn of the handle. Using a double peg bar blade saddle, the double-edge blade is reliably sturdy and evenly positioned. The blade will never shift or be crooked ensuring a consistent blade position every time. To top it off the 'Alpha' is one of very few that can proudly say it is 100% made and developed in the USA and fully constructed with only high-grade stainless steel . For a truly sturdy, comfortable, highly-adjustable, yet simple performance safety razor the 'Alpha'  is the answer.

$ 129.95