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Safety Razors | Detroit Grooming Co. Detailing Razor

$ 34.95 USD

Professional Barber-Grade Detailing Razor

The professional-grade Detroit Grooming Co. Detailing Razor is useful to trim mustaches, sideburns, beards, hair lines and other hard-to-reach places.


* Chrome handle
* Knurled grip Micro-engraved handle for precise control
* Uses MK-908A Blades

About the Detroit Grooming Detailing Razor

Using a safety razor to trim around your beard lines, mustache, sideburns or hair lines can be a recipe for disaster. The Detroit Grooming Co. Detailing Razor is a nifty little detail razor to help you trim those difficult-to-reach places with the least discomfort and unrivaled smoothness.

The special wedge shaped detail razor head and micro engraved grip gives you the ultimate precision and comfort for the finest detail and trimming, with no cuts or nicks. It's always in the detail guys!

To top it off, the .50 Caliber Safety Razor is among few in the market that can proudly be called 100% made-and-developed in the USA.

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