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Complete Shaving Kit The Woody Shave Set

$ 59.95 USD

An Amazing Shaving Kit for an Amazing Man!

"A beautiful gift set perfect for any occasion!"
~ Amy J.
"Awesome products! Absolutely love everything I've purchased from Detroit Grooming Co.!"
~ Ali K.


The Detroit Grooming Company Woody Shave Set provides everything you need for the perfect shaving experience:

Safety Razor: The OG Safety Razor (100% wooden handle)
Razor Blades: 10-Pack Safety Razor Blades
Shaving Gel: 4 oz. Manistee Hydrating Shave Gel
Aftershave: 4 oz. Manistee Calming Aftershave Lotion
Shaving Soap: 4 oz. Harbor Springs Goat's Milk Soothing Shave Soap


The OG Safety Razor (w. 5-pack Safety Razor Blades).  Constructed with the utmost elegance, the OG wooden handle safety razor has been fitted with an industry-leading open comb safety razor head. In addition, this well-balanced razor features an exquisite 100% wooden handle and chrome finish .The model is manufactured according to the highest standards.

The Harbor Springs Shave Soap. This awesome shaving soap is scented with super-attractive Coconut Lime & Verbena and provides maximum moisture & skin protection. The goat's milk base contains a high percentage of moisturizing glycerin, helping you cleanse your skin for an easy & even shave while leaving your skin feeling super smooth & hydrated! The addition of Shea butter and Soy also act as skin protectants to prevent dryness & irritation.

Manistee Shave Gel. A smooth clean shave is easier than you think. With our Hydrating Aloe-Eucalyptus Vitamin E oil formula for a flawless shave. This formula helps protect skin against moisture loss while shaving.

Manistee Calming Aftershave Lotion. The Manistee Refresh After Shave Lotion cools and hydrates the skin after shaving. The addition of Witch Hazel & Vitamin E reduces inflammation and promotes skin healing. Menthol revitalizes the skin with a cooling sensation as eucalyptus oil purifies. This is an amazing aftershave that works perfectly after any type of shaving tool.