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DGC Shave Creams & Gels:
Scouring the Earth for the Finest Ingredients!

We've scoured the globe to bring the finest ingredients into our shaving cream and gels in order to give you the best, closest, and smoothest shave possible! All our shaving creams and gels are made for sensitive skin and contain natural healing properties, as well as attractive scents made to bring those around you extra-close!

Our shaving creams are made with vitamin-rich ingredients and natural scents to leave your skin in the best condition possible while protecting it against irritation. In addition, our shaving gels contain ultra-hydrating Aloe-Eucalyptus Vitamin E oil for a flawless shave that helps protect your skin against moisture loss and irritation.

Pre Shave Oil - Algonac 2 oz. - Detroit Grooming Co.
$ 19.95
Standalone Pre Shave Oil for a Super Safe Shave! "I've dealt with razor burn for over twenty years, tried all kinds of pre-shave lubes, electric razors, various blades and cream ... until I came across this stuff! Now no nicks, no burns! I just apply this before shaving cream and no longer worry!"~ Chad K. Size: 2 oz. Detroit Grooming Co.'s amazing pre shave oil protects your skin from irritation, redness, razor burn and flare-ups with our proprietary blend of essential oils - unsurpassed protection resulting in an ultra-close shave! Can Be Used Standalone - Without Shaving Creams Our pre shave oil also offers enough protection that it can also be used on its own, thus requiring no additional shave creams on your face. Whether you use our Pre Shave Oil before traditional shaving cream or on its own, this product goes on smoothly and provides a calming masculine aroma. Can...
Manistee Hydrating Shave Gel - Aloe and Eucalyptus
$ 8.95
Super Hydrated Shave Gel with Aloe: Finally Enjoy Shaving! "I have to say - I have never used anything like this before...Shaves super smooth, smells amazing, and doesn't break the bank. Definitely buying this again!"~ Gabriel V. Size: 4 oz.Ingredients: Eucalyptus, Aloe, Vitamin E, and Essential Ingredients A smooth clean shave is easier than you think. With our Hydrating Aloe-Eucalyptus Vitamin E oil formula for a flawless shave. This formula helps protect skin against moisture loss while shaving. No matter your past, you can finally enjoy shaving! The eucalyptus extracts work as natural antiseptics to eliminate razor bumps, nicks, and other post-shaving skin irritants. The aloe also releases a hydrating super-shower to give your skin maximum moisture and the smoothest shave possible. In addition, our Manistee Hydrating Shave Gel contains vitamins and antioxidants to give your skin and beard all the nourishment it needs! Our shave gel works perfectly with any shaving tool....
4 oz. Manistee Calming Aftershave Lotion
$ 8.95
Powerfully Soothing Aftershave with Amazing Healing Properties "Great scent. Love the addition of witch hazel!"~ Ryan Size: 4 oz.Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus, Vitamin E, Menthol, and other essential ingredients The Manistee Refresh After Shave Lotion cools and hydrates the skin after shaving. The addition of Witch Hazel & Vitamin E reduces inflammation and promotes skin healing. Menthol revitalizes the skin with a cooling sensation as eucalyptus oil purifies. This is one amazing aftershave that works perfectly for all skin types! More About the Manistee Aftershave Lotion This premium aftershave lotion brings a wide variety of incredible benefits that include: ✔ Eliminates post-shave skin irritation, leaves skin supple to the touch, and minimizes razor bumps. ✔ The addition of witch hazel soothes blemishes, minimizes puffiness, tightens pores, and naturally prevents your skin from losing moisture. ✔ The eucalyptus extracts work as natural antiseptics to eliminate razor bumps, nicks, and other post-shaving skin irritants. ✔...
LEA Classic Shaving Cream - (100g/3.5oz) - Sensitive Skin
$ 13.95
LEA Classic Shaving Cream Tube Size: 3.5oz/100g This classic shaving cream is made for sensitive skin - loaded with glycerin, allantoin, menthol, lanolin, and bisabolol - it gives you a protected & ultra-smooth shave never irritating your skin. Dermatologically Tested & Approved for Sensitive Skin! The added menthol also gives your shave a nice cooling effect and the product has been dermatologically tested - and approved - for sensitive skin! Attractively Scented for Today's Man! This shaving cream is scented with a a uniquely attractive ultra-masculine aroma of sandalwood & oakmoss. This rich aroma works very effectively with other grooming products to have those around you turning their heads - and noses - in attraction! Moreover, the shaving cream can be lathered with or without a brush, although the manufacturer recommends one.  The Lea Classic shaving cream works perfectly regardless of what you use to shave. So whether with a straight razor, safety razor, or...