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Shaving Cream LEA Classic (100g/3.5oz) Sensitive Skin

$ 13.95 USD

LEA Classic Shaving Cream Tube

Size: 3.5oz/100g

This classic shaving cream is made for sensitive skin - loaded with glycerin, allantoin, menthol, lanolin, and bisabolol - it gives you a protected & ultra-smooth shave never irritating your skin.

Dermatologically Tested & Approved for Sensitive Skin!

The added menthol also gives your shave a nice cooling effect and the product has been dermatologically tested - and approved - for sensitive skin!

Attractively Scented for Today's Man!

This shaving cream is scented with a a uniquely attractive ultra-masculine aroma of sandalwood & oakmoss. This rich aroma works very effectively with other grooming products to have those around you turning their heads - and noses - in attraction! Moreover, the shaving cream can be lathered with or without a brush, although the manufacturer recommends one. 

The Lea Classic shaving cream works perfectly regardless of what you use to shave. So whether with a straight razorsafety razor, or anything else, you're able to use this shaving cream with no issues.