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The Classic Safety Razor

$ 39.95 USD

Premium Long-Handled Safety Razor for Max Control & Comfort!

"Nice weight and balance, fits my hand very well. Very mild razor, yet plenty of bite to get a good shave!"
~ Robert A.

The "Classic" Long Handled Safety Razor for men is still one of the best! This is the safety razor that men the world over have learned to shave with for nearly one hundred years. This "Long-Handled" safety razor (4" in length) has a longer handle to accommodate those with larger hands.



  • Closed comb, double edged razor
  • Twist top releases plate to load blade
  • Micro-engraved handle for super-grip


Our Classic Long Handled Safety Razor is designed with a long handle for those that prefer their razor to fit their entire hands (or simply have big hands!), and also is featured with a closed-comb design for a softer, more precise shave than an open comb safety razor. In addition, the twist top helps keep the razor blade in one-set aggression with double-blade exposure to maximize the life of your blade. Also, The high-quality razor with a micro-engraved handle will give you max grip and precise control.

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**Blades sold separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
CJ (Kalispell, US)
Detroit Wooden Handle Razor

Hi , I purchased the Wooden Handle Razor for myself and bought two more for our adult son and soon to be son-in law. First wow outside of the straight razor I learned on so many years ago I have not had a better shave. I enjoy the look and Balance of the razor and found my blades last considerably longer between changes. I truly feel the price is right and the quality outstanding as well.. I enjoy looking at my razor everyday. I see it as a piece of art. I love the fact made here in the USA as well. Some hate shaving but I have come to see shaving as a gentlemans routine and treat it as such . I use shaving cream in a bowl and use a badger brush to form the cream when I shave. I enjoy waking and having coffee while prepping and shaving and Detroits razor compliments that experience,. Thank you and will buy again,

K Casey (Livonia, US)

The Classic Safety Razor

Ron from Lynn MA
Decent razor decent price

A decent razor for $40. The gentleman that owns the company told me they are made in America so I bought it and I am very proud of that. Good for him as we definitely need more quality products made here. Due to this I recommend this razor.

Bryano Borges (Chicago, US)

Awesome piece!

edmund kuczynski (Vicksburg, US)
a great razor

I had the wooden handle razor till the head broke off of stem. Figure I would give the all metal one a try and like the metal much better. Don't know if my shaving expertise has improved, but the metal razor is better balanced and less knicks and cuts. Really like it.