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Detroit Grooming Beard Oils


Detroit Grooming Beard Oils


When growing and maintaining a beard, it may not seem necessary to the layman or shorn gentleman to do anything but refrain from shaving. And though this is indeed the initial and most elemental item on the agenda, it is not, by any means, the only job of a beard wearer. In order to have not only a substantial growth, but luscious and healthy whiskers that people can stand to be in the same room as, it is important to take care of your beard.


The best thing for your beard, especially in drier, colder climates and during winter, is to oil up with some all-natural beard oil. Far from being merely a cosmetic product for keeping your facial hair soft, smooth and shiny – which it is – the recipient of a well-crafted beard oil will also find that his beard is actually healthier. At Detroit Grooming Co., our signature blends all share a base of sweet almond oil, which is the single most nutrient dense essential oil available. Due to this substantial nutrient density, whiskers that have been lightly coated with a few drops of beard oil are moisturized, hydrated and generally enriched from root to tip. This is the explanation for the cosmetic effects that the bearded man experiences. Consequently, healthier individual facial hairs will result in an overall healthier, thicker and more attractive beard.


Detroit Grooming Co. offers five proprietary blends of beard oil, giving the bearded gentleman some variety to choose from. Each and every blend is hand made in small batches to ensure the highest quality for our discerning clientele. 


  • Corktown - Beard Oil – Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, this blend features a combination of tobacco, vanilla and cedar scents.
  • Mackinac - Beard Oil – the bridge connecting upper and lower peninsulas, this blend features sharp peppermint and subtle cedar aromas.
  • Orchard Lake - Beard Oil – home of the famous Apple Island, this blend incorporates fresh orange and sweet vanilla fragrances.
  • NEW: Traverse City- Beard Oil – the nation’s cherry capital, this NEW blend unites prominent cherry and subtle cedar scents.
  • Downtown - Beard Oil – the city center, what could be more basic than our unscented blend of sweet almond and vitamin A, B and E oils.


So, without further adieu, Detroit Grooming Co. invites you to participate in perhaps the oldest fashion trend in human history. And don’t just grow a beard. Grow a beard, show some pride in it, and give it a little TLC with some handmade beard oil.