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Jonathan B., Verified Buyer

Great Products, Great Price

"Fantastic scents and high quality products. Detroit’s oil and butter are some of my favorites and always make my beard feel and look great. The wash isn’t too stripping and the conditioner is one of the best I’ve used. Highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed."


Simplify Your Beard Routine

No need to get a bunch of different products from different brands to cover all your daily beard needs.

Detroit Grooming's Beard Starter Pack has everything you need on a daily basis: Beard Wash, Conditioner, Butter, and Oil.

Rodney D., Verified Buyer


"This kit absolutely is great. So happy that I purchased it. The only problem is ... I don't know what one I like more. All the scents are amazing. Would definitely recommend this bundle for anyone looking too try Detroit Grooming."


Forget About Harsh Chemicals

All our products include the best natural ingredients that will help you get excellent results.

Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, and Biotin B7 are just a few examples of the most powerful components that will help you get the best beard you've ever had.

Michael S., Verified Buyer

Just buy it already

"I don’t review products ever unless I feel there worthy of it and this is one of them things. Absolutely amazing. Favorite butter on the market . Feel in beard is amazing. And scent is insanely good. Such a perfect texture and melt in hand. Strongly recommend to anyone with a beard."


No More Beard Trouble

The Detroit Grooming Beard Starter Pack is your secret weapon against uneven growth, dryness, and beardruff, while also maintaining your skin healthy.

It nurtures your beard to eliminate dryness and itchiness, promotes even growth, and helps prevent ingrown hairs, patchiness, and acne under the beard.

Jose R., Verified Buyer

Beard Starter Pack

"Great products Huge fan of all their products. Smells great and makes my beard feel soft and silky. Been a returning customer for a while keep up the amazing work."


Loaded With Enticing Fragrances

Experience the perfect blend of Toasted Vanilla and Amber with our Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner.

Elevate your daily grooming routine with the delightful scent of Vanilla, Tobacco, and Cedarwood of our Beard Butter and Beard Oil.

Rob G., Verified Buyer

Wow. Such Scent. Very Beard.

"I smell great, look great, feel great. Corktown smells amazing and makes my beard look amazing. Pairing the oil and butter has paid dividends, and then coupled with the Corktown dry cologne makes the holy trinity of manliness. What can I say, I’m a big Corktown guy."


Join the Club of Satisfied Beardsmen

Don't just take our word for it. Thousands of style-conscious men have already made the switch to our Beard Starter Pack. Their beards are healthier, their skin is happier, and they're receiving compliments like never before. Embrace the premium lifestyle you deserve!

Daniel D., Verified Buyer

Beard Starter Pack

"Amazing product! The beard balm was 11/10 amazing product. Very happy will be ordering again. The beard oil is a standard higher end oil but I do really enjoy the scent, and because they're bundled I’ll likely be re-ordering."

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Beard Starter Pack

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313 Beard Conditioner, 8 oz

313 Beard Wash, 8 oz

Corktown Beard Butter, 2 oz

Corktown Beard Oil, 1 oz

Consider this your beard's new training regimen. Ongoing fortification? Affirmative. This bundle acts as your beard's personal fitness coach, encouraging more robust and healthier growth.

Flexible grooming for a daily routine. Whether your beard requires a swift clean-up or a hydration pick-me-up, this Beard Starter Pack is at your service.

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