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Exclusive Beard Nutrition Formula to ELIMINATE BEARDRUFF in 7 Days

80% of our customers reported experiencing less beardruff within a week *with regular use.





Detroit Grooming's beard care routine is for every gentleman who wants a genuine and honest solution to beardruff. 

Visibly no beardruff within 7 days

Perfectly moisturized beard and skin

Soft and manageable beard 

Noticeably fuller appearance 

Lush and irresistibly delicious beard

Why Your Icky Problem Won't Go Away

A malnourished beard is prone to dandruff or BEARDRUFF and other issues.

That's the main reason why regular grooming won't be enough. Most beard products in the market only provide a temporary fix. Unfortunately, not addressing the root cause of the problem will only worsen it. 


acne problem

itchy beard

As a response, your skin either overproduces oil or dries out, resulting in:

Dry, flaky, and itchy beard

Blocked pores and follicles

Beard acne and ingrown hair

Wiry and brittle hair

Irritated or inflamed skin

Eliminate Beardruff and its flaky trail
with Detroit Grooming's Traverse City Bundle 

After extensive research and testing, we have developed an innovative beard nutrition formula to help you beat beardruff after a few applications. Traverse City Bundle is a complete grooming set that deeply nourishes your beard and skin every step of the way. 


The Beard Wash removes dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells while preserving the natural oils of your beard and skin.  

Our gentle formula contains Aloe Vera and Borage Extract, which provides intense moisturization while strengthening the hair to prevent breakage. 


Traverse City Beard Conditioner adds moisture to your skin and beard, helping your facial hair grow healthier and keep from drying out. 

Our Premium Conditioner harnesses the power of Argan Oil and Cocoa Butter, which help fight beardruff, frizz, and damage while adding a healthy shine to your beard.  


Beard Oil helps hydrate the beard and skin underneath. We use a quick-absorbing formula, leaving your beard and skin deliciously supple.

Our Beard Oil is formulated to be light on the hair and beard. Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E Oil are considered beard staples, providing essential nutrients to fight itchiness, dryness, acne, irritation, and ingrown hairs. 


The Beard Butter helps you control your beard while enjoying its conditioning and moisturizing benefits.

Our Beard Butter harnesses the power of Safflower Oil and Shea Butter, which provide abundant nutrients for a healthier, fuller-looking, and soft-to-touch beard and skin. 

Traverse City Bundle

$ 70.00

$ 110.75

Save 37%

The Traverse City Bundle includes all the products you need to wash, condition, hydrate, and moisturize your facial hair. Plus it comes with a tin of pocket-size Solid Cologne to add an extra touch of fragrance.

Fragrance: Cherry Tobacco

You'll receive:

Traverse City Beard Wash 8 oz.,

Traverse City Beard Conditioner 8 oz.,

Traverse City Beard Butter 2 oz.,

Traverse City Beard Oil 1 oz.,

Traverse City Solid Cologne 1 oz.

*The bundle comes in a branded gift box!

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50,000+ 5 Star Reviews

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"One of my good friends recommended this product line to me. I ordered the beard butter sampler set and I love it! It smells amazing! The hair in my beard is so much softer. 10/10 would recommend."

Jarvis B.

"Very smooth consistency, and all the scents are great. I'm pretty picky about products, and am no rookie to the beard game. But this butter is amazing! 👍"

James N.

"I gave this sample box to my boyfriend for Christmas and both he and I have been enjoying trying out the different butters! Might even make a switch to the usual one I get him. Glad I went with this little bundle to try out all the different scents!"

Allison N.

Detroit Grooming vs. Other Beard Products

Choose Your Bundle


Beard Starter Pack

$ 42.00

$ 60.00

Save 30%


Our complete beard care set covers each stage of your grooming routine so your beard feels clean, nourished, moisturized, and perfectly shaped.

313: Toasted Vanilla & Amber
Corktown: Vanilla, Tobacco & Cedarwood

The Kit Includes:

313 Beard Conditioner, 8 oz

313 Beard Wash, 8 oz

Corktown Beard Butter, 2 oz

Corktown Beard Oil, 1 oz

30 – day money back guarantee

313 Bundle

$ 39.96

$ 49.95

Save 20%

This essential kit covers your beard grooming needs, from cleansing to conditioning and styling, so you can enjoy a soft, shiny, and healthy beard every day.

Fragrance: Toasted Vanilla & Amber

The Kit Includes:

313 Beard Wash, 8 oz

313 Beard Butter, 2 oz

313 Beard Oil, 1 oz

30 – day money back guarantee

313 Beard Pack

$ 35.88

$ 42.21

Save 15%

This super duo provides thorough yet gentle cleansing, followed by intensive conditioning for a beard that feels and looks healthy.

Fragrance: Toasted Vanilla & Amber

The Kit Includes:

313 Beard Conditioner, 8 oz

313 Beard Wash, 8 oz

30 – day money back guarantee

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