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how to soften your beard

Has your beard reached a point that is causing you, or, more importantly, your significant other, some unpleasant itchiness or discomfort? Has it suddenly gone from a sleek and dignified arrangement of hair to something deviously abrasive? If the softening of your beard has suddenly become a top priority, or even if it’s been a slow and steady work in progress, then you are not alone, nor are you out of luck. While some will claim that beards are just naturally course and occasionally itchy, there are measures that can be taken in order to soften you beard and, conversely, neglect that can lead to a disproportionately itchy beard.

In order to make the best effort of relieving the itchiness of your beard and taking the measures to soften your beard, you must first understand what exactly is causing your rough and scratchy beard to be so rough and scratchy. It’s not just the way that it is, despite what you will hear from certain skeptics. On the contrary, your beard’s physical properties are linked directly to its health and the health of the skin out of which it is growing. Taking optimal care of your face and the hairs upon it are exactly how you go about achieving the most comfortable and, ultimately, the softest beard that you can.

The first order of business in achieving an optimally soft beard is the proper washing and cleansing of your beard and face. Everyone knows what the hair on your head begins to feel like after a few days or more without washing it, and that effect is only magnified when the subject is the hair on your face. With the buildup and accumulation of debris and residue that should be occasionally stripped away and refortified, your beard will acquire a distinctive, but not particularly pleasant consistency. It will make it quite difficult, and probably uncomfortable, to run a comb through, if that makes it any clearer. The bottom line is that keeping your facial skin and hair clean is a large part of keeping your beard soft.

The second, yet equally important, component of maintaining a healthy and, in turn, a soft beard is to ensure that it is properly hydrated and moisturized, as well as the skin beneath it. The washing of your bearded face alone will only serve to strip away the naturally occurring oils, but once you’ve done so, your beard is left vulnerable and exposed to the elements. The result will be whatever moisture that is present in your hair and skin will become all but completely diminished. This is why replacing that moisture and the necessary nutrients that your hair and skin require is so vital to the physical health and, in turn, the softness of your beard.

So, when all pandemonium has broken loose and you’re scrambling to soften your beard before things get any more hectic or itchy, there are options available to you. It is our pleasure to make these options known to you, so that you can then make the most educated decisions when it comes to working toward the softest and most pleasant beard possible. Delve just a little deeper and you’ll see exactly how you can make your beard not only tolerable, but a highly sought after commodity!