'Black' Beard Butter 2 oz.

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Patrick Rigsby (Sutherlin, US)
Bet on Black

I deeply enjoyed Black love the sent and the feel inn my beard. Im definitely going to recommend Black beard oil and butter.

Mark Brown (Macedon, US)
Black Beard Butter

The CedarWood and Amber Beard butter is my absolute favorite. Ever night I apply this to my beard and wake up in the morning with a conditioned beard that no other products have been able to make my beard feel so health. The Ceaderwood and Amber fragrance smells so good that it helps me to relax and fall asleep so peacefully at night. Also my wife lives the smell. I give this a 5/5 star and dare any other beard products from anywhere else to even try to make a beard so healthy and conditions. This product give me so much respect for DGC and so much confidence in my beard game

Zac Wells (Bentonville, US)

Not only is this one of my favorite scents, it also is a great product! It keeps my beard looking great and smelling good all day long!

Adam (New Castle, US)

I ordered this and the Traverse City. Top notch quality. The Black is not overpowering perfect combo with the Cedarwood and Amber
I must say I think Traverse City though is the best scent Detroit Grooming has. It’s right up there with 313. I think Traverse City is my new favorite of them all.
Although I did just order Orchard Lake Beard Butter. So we shall see what that is like. I’m looking forward to trying it

j chappel (Traverse City, US)
Great stuff.

This stuff leaves my beard looking great, and the scent works wonders with the ladies.