Solid Cologne, Corktown, Vanilla, Tobacco & Cedarwood 0.5 Oz.

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Great complimentary scent, but with caveats

I got this to compliment the Corktown beard butter. I'm impressed with how well it does just that. It's subtle and leans more toward the vanilla, but not too much. Over time, the tobacco comes through and rounds out the scent. It's quite nice. I have just three criticisms, one major and two minor. 1. I'd really prefer an oblong tin instead of the small pot it comes in currently. I don't have massive hands, but it'll eventually become a trick to get my thumb inside this container to scrape some out. 2. I think the beeswax to coconut oil ratio needs adjusted toward the oil. It's a bit waxier than other solid colognes I use. Maybe I'm picking at nits here, though. 3. I'd like it to last longer. It's decent as is. I'd just like to get more wear out of it. Again, picking nits.


The cologne was quite a bit smaller than I thought it should be for the price

Smells Incredible

The scent is not overpowering (which I love) but if someone gets close to you they'll know. It is a very "manly" scent. Also it does not smell artificial which I love and it smells great most of the day. Generally I apply in the morning and again at lunch only because I love the way this stuff smells. If the Corktown solid cologne is not your scent profile I'm sure one of the other solid colognes will work for you. Try it out you will not be disappointed. Very impressed by DGC yet again.

Good Stuff

1st time using a solid cologne. I'm very pleased with the product. I just love the scent and also bought the oil and butter.