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Premium Safety Razors Real .50 Caliber Safety Razor

$ 59.95 USD

Make a Statement with This Real Repurposed .50 Caliber Safety Razor!

"This is one of my best razors right now. It's a well balanced razor, not too heavy and not too light"
~ Nomar S.

You'll be one of the first ever to receive the fully authentic & real .50 Caliber Safety Razor for men.

Safety Razor Collection Set: What Do You Get?

Safety Razor: Premium .50 Caliber Safety Razor
Blade Type:
Standard Double-Edged Razor Blades
1 (5) pack: Double edged safety razors

About The .50 Caliber Safety Razor

Our .50 Caliber Razor is a double-edge safety razor made by re-purposing authentic spent rounds from .50 caliber mini-guns. Time to shave like a man and use an actual .50 Caliber Shell!

The .50 Caliber Razor uses double-edge razor blades like the ones found here.  These blades are highly affordable and accessible and provide an absolute smooth and safe shaving option.  Using a single blade decreases burning and hair pull on your face.  In addition, these blades are stainless steel platinum coated and 100% recyclable. 

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