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Look & Learn Class feat. Antonio Heath - The Art of the Bald Fade - Mar. 25th

$ 50.00 USD

The Art of the Bald Fade

The Fade is the most requested haircut in barbering. It's been that way since Medevil times! A true "transitional fade" will give you a 3 dimensional look, it'll show 3-4 levels of hair without lines or obvious demarkation. 

What you'll learn:

  • How to execute the perfect Bald Fade
  • Tools you'll need 
  • Tips and Techniques
  •  Skip Guard Technique
  • Growth Patterns
  • Proper Body Positioning


    Class Time:


    Please bring a pen/pencil and paper.


    Detroit Grooming Co.
    2615 Wolcott St
    Ferndale, Michigan 48220