Belle Isle Beard Butter 2 oz.

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Superb Scent

I have a all white beard. DGC beard butters leave my beard feeling and looking great. My beard has a nice shine, without looking too shinny, when I use DGC butters. I use Belle Isle at night before bed. I was having trouble sleeping and waking up numerous times at night. I decided to use the Belle Isle because of the lavender and hit the jackpot. The lavender puts me to sleep and helps me stay asleep. Been using it as my night routine ever since.

Belle isle beard butter

I absolutely love this product. It feels amazing in beard I love the smell everything about it is amazing.i will be trying out other products.

Very good!

Very good product. The scent is subtle and relaxing. Perfect for a bedtime butter. The next morning my beard feels soft and nourished. Also great for any dry skin areas you may have. I also love that it's available in a 2 oz size because of my limited storage space.

Relaxing bed time scent

First time using Detroit Grooming products. After about a week I can say I love the consistency of the butter. The Belle Isle is a relaxing bed time scent..the lavender is not overpowering and just a little sweet. I'm also using the Traverse City during the day and Love that one. I think I will be trying all of the scents before long!

Belle Isle awesomeness

Every beard product i tried from Detroit so far were exceptional, including Belle Isle butter. Amazingly soft, and smooth straight out of the container. Rhe very light orange/lavender scent is truly enjoyable. Like most DGC products, the scent will last for fairly long time. Of course I'll be back for more...No brainer.