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The Mackinac Beard Oil - 1 oz. Bottle - Detroit Grooming Co.

The Mackinac Beard Oil - 1 oz. Bottle - Detroit Grooming Co. has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 11 reviews.

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The Mackinac Beard Oil : Awaken Your Senses!

"Very pleased. Scent is great and lasts all day." ~ Scott B.

Size: 1 oz.
Scent: Peppermint & Cedarwood

Named after the island in the Great Lake Huron, Mackinac is a wild wonder of the world. Just like our Peppermint and Cedarwood blend, winter there is no joke. It gets cold enough to see a Great Lake freeze. But the residents there don’t let that stop them, as they line a trail from the island to the mainland in the ice with cedar trees and lights to guide travelers safely across the lake.

Get where you’re going safely AND awaken your senses!  Our blend of peppermint and cedarwood essential oils refresh your mind and face without fear of getting lost, even in the wildest conditions.


As a foundational ingredient for all our beard oils, our all-natural Sweet Almond Oil is loaded with many skin and hair benefits. Rich in vitamins A, B and E, Sweet Almond Oil helps in maintaining moisture levels of the skin and gets absorbed quickly without blocking pores like so many other oils. Whether you’re looking to improve your complexion, moisturize better, soothe skin irritation by relieving dryness, nourish your skin, or even cure the chapped lips hiding in your beard, this is exactly what you need. That’s just your skin!


In the hair? Well, almond oil is rich in magnesium, gets rid of split ends, and leaves your beard shiny and soft. This beard oil is a reparative solution that can be used daily to saturate deeper than most oils and reverse damage. It also contains a higher content of mono saturated fatty acids than any other beard oil, making our beard oil the most intensely moisturizing oil available. They're chock-full of antioxidants and proteins to repair your skin and hair!

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