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Gentleman’s Grooming Kit

Gentleman’s Grooming Kit has a rating of stars based on reviews.

Our Kit includes:

    • 1 oz - Corktown Grooming & Beard Oil
    • 1 oz - Orchard Lake Grooming & Beard Oil
    • 1 oz - Mackinac Grooming & Beard Oil
    • 1 oz - Cedar Springs Grooming & Beard Oil
    • Beard Brush
    • Stainless Steel Comb
    • Midtown Bar Soap

    Do you need a gift for the guy that is impossible to buy gifts for because he’s so particular? Well, if this very particular guy happens to have a beard and also happens to take pride in keeping that beard excellently kempt, then we may have the gift for you … to get him, of course.

    The Gentleman’s Grooming Kit, brought to you by the friendly folks at Detroit Grooming Co., is the complete and perfect assembly of quality, care and precision, right down to its handcrafted wooden vessel. Before he even opens it, he’ll probably remark as to the exceptional craftsmanship of this all-wood, marvelously dovetailed box, complete with wood pins upon which the lid hinges.

    Opening this ultimate bearded man’s companion set will reveal a comprehensive collection of our line’s most highly sought after products. With everything that he’ll need to keep his beard shipshape, you’ll be writing us a thank you card. Get him something that he’s sure to enjoy, and something that he’s sure not to expect. Get him a Detroit Grooming Co. Gentleman’s Grooming Kit and he’ll love you forever (and almost as much as he does his beard)!


      $ 179.00