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Unisex, Gift Set, Leland Summer Apparel, Detroit Lions Blue T-Shirt, Hat, and Butter Combo.

$ 43.96 USD $ 54.95 USD

We've combined the popular unisex adult t-shirt in blue, the adjustable ball cap in black, and a 4 oz Leland beard butter for a fun Father's Day or Grad Gift!  The tagless DGC Originals t-shirt is the softest tee you'll ever own.  True to size and will last a lifetime.  Simply add your requested size into the notes section when ordering.  The adjustable ball cap features a mesh backing, a velcro closure, and the raised embroidered logo.

The Leland Beard Butter is a Detroit Grooming Top Seller and is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants giving your beard the proper nourishment it needs!

Our beard butter also contains a high content of mono-saturated fatty acids, making them some of the most intensely moisturizing beard butter available. They’re chock-full of antioxidants and proteins to help repair your skin and hair. Growing a beard? Want to know how to grow a goatee, or how to grow a long beard that’ll actually look good? Do you have coarse beard hair, or a dry beard, and want a softer beard that’s well nourished? These butters provide the most complete answers to the question of how to grow a beard. They don’t clog pores so they actually help promote beard growth! We have what you need, wherever you are in your beard growing journey. Let your beard grow!

In addition, the Leland Beard Butter is made from our popular blend of summer fragrances - Mango and Lime. Not only will you keep wanting to fill your senses with this smooth, clean fragrance, but others will too! (not a bad thing)